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Less muscle less strength more problems for a skinny person and for muscular person more muscles more strength lot of less problems healthy lifestyle perfect.

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Q: How would a slim skinny body affect you when you get older in life compared to more healthy strong muscular harden physique would a skinny body for life weaken you for definitely?
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You are a guy and why only muscular guys atteracts you?

Being muscular has the message that you are healthy and strong.

What is muscular endurance fueled by?

by eating healthy

Will you be healthy if you eat healthy?

Yes You are to consult a Nutritionist, as certain healthy foods may not be ideal for your physique, digesting system. It is advisable to follow the diet chart as suggested by the Nutritionist for you.

How does the muscular system keep body healthy?


How does the muscular system keep you body healthy?


What are the benefits of muscular?

You can get very healthy and strong and that is a good thing

What are synonyms of healthy?

active, athletic, healthful, able-bodied, muscular

Why do you need to keep the muscular system healthy?

So that your muscles work?

Is there a way to be muscular without working out?

im pretty muscular nd dont work out or eat healthy but guess im just lucky :)

Can you be pregnant if you are overweight?

Its possible, but its definitely not healthy for you and the baby.

What are words that are similar to robust?

Healthy, strong, rugged, vigorous, muscular, athletic, thriving...

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sorry don't know