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Q: How would Bay Area fans feel if the Tampa Bay Rays moved their stadium to the City of Orlando and renamed themselves?
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Which is closer to Tampa Is it Clearwater or Orlando?

Tampa is about an hour from Orlando.

What highway goes from Tampa to Orlando?

Interstate 4 goes from Tampa to Orlando.

What city is fartherest down Tampa FL or Orlando FL?

Tampa is south of Orlando.

Does batista live in Tampa Florida or Orlando?

Tampa, Florida

From Orlando FL are you closer to Tampa or Sarasota?

Tampa is closest.

Close airports to Tampa FL?

Tampa Int St Petersburg/Clearwater Orlando Int Orlando Sanford

Is Tampa closer than Orlando to reach hudsonfl?

It is about 45 miles from Tampa to Hudson. It is about 110 miles from Orlando to Hudson.

Which direction do I travel to get from Tampa to Orlando Florida?

By traveling northeast from Tampa on US Interstate 10, a driver can reach Orlando Florida.

Is there a shuttle between Orlando Airport and Tampa Airport?

Yes, there is an airport shuttle that runs between Orlando Airport and Tampa Airport.

Is Tampa Bay in between Orlando FL and Miami FL?

No, it is south of Tampa.

Where was Super Bowl 25 played?

Tampa Stadium in Tampa, Florida

Which toll road are electronic tool between Orlando and Tampa?

The main road that runs between Orlando and Tampa is Interstate 4, and it has no tolls.