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What kind of hot rod?

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Q: How will win in a drag race between a 66 mustang and a hot rod?
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What is nhra?

NATIONAL HOT ROD ASSOCIATION this is what i race. i drive a jr dragster. but NHRA holds all sorts of drag racing events

Is a mustang hot?

YES,very hot and sexy and people also think there HOT!

Does a hot air balloon depend on thrust or drag?

thrust and drag, because with out thrust the hot air balloon would not be able to move forward and with out drag it would not be able to stop

When was Hot Rod Race created?

Hot Rod Race was created in 1950.

New Ford Mustang pics?

Check out the attached link. The new 2010 Mustang is definitely hot!

What is the difference between a Ford Mustang saleen and a Ford Mustang shelby?

A Saleen mustang is produced by a company called Saleen and is a special model built and given a specific VIN identifying it as such. Saleen was started in 1983 by Steve Saleen, a veteran race driver and produced its first modified Mustang in 1984. His continued involvement with Ford has produced both race cars and street performance cars, but it all started with the Mustang.A Shelby mustang is and was a modified Mustang tuned by Carroll Shelby's company. Shelby was commissioned by Ford to basically hot-rod Ford's best stock Mustangs and make them able to compete successfully in factory racing, as well as to build a scaled down road version that could be sold to the public.Ford, like Ferrari, believed in the adage of "race on Sunday, sell on Monday".Although he was involved in the 1965 model, the first real Shelby Mustang in name cam later, when production for the last Shelby Cobra ceased.Still alive and kickin' He's making the new Mustangs go fast and corner too! The current Shelby Mustang is pushing 500 horses and 480 pounds of torque !

What is the difference between a Ford tbucket and a Ford Mustang?

A ford T-bucket is a Ford Model T that has been cut down to be made into a hot rod/street rod. It is a completely different car all together than a mustang.

What is the duration of Hot Wheels World Race?

The duration of Hot Wheels World Race is 1.83 hours.

When was Hot Wheels World Race created?

Hot Wheels World Race was created on 2003-07-12.

How do you unlock the ford mustang in need for speed hot pursuit?

you unlock it

Can you drive a 1969 El Camino in Hot Wheels World Race?

no only the jester you drive in hot wheels world race

When did Hot Wheels World Race - video game - happen?

Hot Wheels World Race - video game - happened in 2003.