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size/shape- amount of air resistance

weight - amount of gravity

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Q: How will the size shape and weight affect the distance of a basketball?
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Does pull weight on a bow make a difference in penetration?

Yes. Many factors affect penetration. Broadhead weight- Shaft weight- trueness of flight-width or cutting diameter and shape of broadhead- arrow speed -distance-as well as pull weight.

Does the shape of a boat affect the weight it can carry?

Yes I think the shape of a boat will affect a foil boat because when you change the shape of a boat like when you make a triangle or a square it will affect the weight it can carry

What 3D shape is a basketball?

A basketball is in a spherical shape.

What factors affect weather and climate?

There are several factors that affect weather and climate. These factors are distance from the sea, ocean currents, shape of the land, and the distance from the equator.

Does the weight of an object change if you change its shape?

Answeryes Wrong. Simply changing the shape of something has no affect on it's weight.

What shape is the key in basketball?

the shape of the key on a basketball court is a semicircle

How does the wing shape on an airplane affect its ability to hold weight?

It can affect the lift that carries the plane through the air.

Name two things that affect the strength of an electromagnet?

the shape of the core and the distance between the poles affect the strength of the electromagnet

How does shape affect distance?

Yes it does if the object was a different shape it would move different it depends if it goes further or not as far depending on where you are doing it.

What are four things that can affect a materials angle of repose?

the composition ,size ,weight and shape .

What is range of distance for Remington 710 270?

Need to know what bullet type, shape and weight.

What is the hypothesis for a balloon rocket?

The hypothesis for a balloon rocket is whether the shape of the balloon will affect the distance that it will travel.

What three-dimensional shape is a basketball?

A basketball is a sphere

What are the three characteristics of a material that will affect its angle of repose?

Size, Shape , and Weight Your Welcome :)

What factors influence the distance a rocket can fly?

the shape, the weight, and the surface area that air can hit to cause resistance

How many meters in 160 pounds?

You cannot associate weight with distance without shape, other dimensions and density

How does projectile weight affect projectile motion?

A projectiles motion will change little because of its weight, weight, depending on propulsion will mainly affect trajectory and distance. Expotential forces(gravity, wind) tend to affect projectile motion as well as the shape of the projectile itself. If you take two projectiles, one round ball with x mass and another projectile with a coned end point and an ingraved spiral corkscrew tip with the same x mass and propulsion value. The later's motion is affected and will travel further because of its shape and how it interacts with aero dynamics.

What arc is in basketball?

The arc in basketball is when you shoot the ball into the hoop. When you shoot it should be an arc shape. When it's an arc shape there is a higher chance of the basketball to go in the hoop.

What factors affect the terminal velocity of a substance?

Terminal velocity is determined by the object's shape, weight, and density of the atmosphere. Weight and atmospheric density can vary depending on where you are.

What geometric shape best describes the shape of a basketball?

A sphere

What is the error in shape size or distance?

error in shape,size,or distance

Does the penguins body shape affect its flight?

Penguins do not fly. Their wings are too small to support the body weight.

How do you incease the distance you can throw a javelin?

First, you have to be in shape, or else it will be more difficult. The work on free weight excercises and form.

How does the shape of the wing of an airplane affect the distance a plane travels?

The shape of the wing affects every flying characteristic of the aircraft. A long, thin wing will help it fly further.

What 3-D shape describes a basketball?

A basketball is generally a sphere.