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size/shape- amount of air resistance

weight - amount of gravity

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Q: How will the size shape and weight affect the distance of a basketball?
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Yes I think the shape of a boat will affect a foil boat because when you change the shape of a boat like when you make a triangle or a square it will affect the weight it can carry

Does the weight of an object change if you change its shape?

Answeryes Wrong. Simply changing the shape of something has no affect on it's weight.

What 3D shape is a basketball?

A basketball is in a spherical shape.

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Yes. Many factors affect penetration. Broadhead weight- Shaft weight- trueness of flight-width or cutting diameter and shape of broadhead- arrow speed -distance-as well as pull weight.

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can u give me an answer

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It can affect the lift that carries the plane through the air.

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the shape of the core and the distance between the poles affect the strength of the electromagnet

What are the three characteristics of a material that will affect its angle of repose?

Size, Shape , and Weight Your Welcome :)

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