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It will inspire them to get involved.

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Q: How will the Olympics affect young people?
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How does olympics affect young people in britain?

it wont apparently!im 13 and trying to do an essay on how the olympics have affected britian, and nothing for kids has come up! :@

How will the Olympics effect young people in Britain?

it will get young people involved and get excited

How are railroads technology affect young people?

young people traveled to the city to get jobs

How did railroad technology affect young people?

More young people traveled to the city to get jobs.

How did railroads technlogy affect young people?

More Young people traveled to the city to get jobs.

How the Olympics came about and why?

because people want some kids or young people to see how important or how good is sport

How will the 2012 Olympics affect people living in the town of Winsford Cheshire in the NW of England?

it won't

Why does smoking affect young people?

because it burns your lungs

Does sitting affect young people?

only if you sit with poor posture

How will the 2012 Olympics affect Stratford in the future?

after th olympics they will keep westfields in the future

How does weather affect summer Olympics in southern hemisphere?

When its snowing its cold you cant do the olympics

How does the Olympics affect us today?