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30 inches

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Q: How wide is the bases on slow pitch softball?
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How wide is a softball field?


Is softball a world wide sport?

Yes, it is world wide

How wide is home plate in softball?


Is Go Wide a baseball term?

Only as a descripted term, such as "the baserunner should not go wide of the bag when rounding the bases", or, "pitcher should go wide (pitch outside) to this hitter".

What is the dimensions of the pitching rubber for softball?

24" Long 6" Wide

How big is a softball batters box?

7 feet long and 3 feet wide

What is the size of a batters box in softball?

7 feet long 3 feet wide.

Do people like soccer or softball?

Soccer is the most popular sport world wide.

How big is the batters box in high school fast pitch softball?

3' wide 7' long and six inches from the plate. the batters box is 4' from the center of the plate forward and 3' from the center of the plate back

What is the breadth of the cricket pitch?

A cricket pitch is 10 feet (3 m) wide.

Why do traffic cones have wide bases and narrow tips?

This is for stability.

How many Russian military bases world wide?


Where would you find slow water from a river?

You find slow water in a river where it is deep and/or wide and the land is relatively flat.

How long is the soccer pitch?

The Length of a football pitch is 108 metres and is 83 metres wide.

What should you Google to find a site listing a wide variety of softball quotes?

There are numerous listings online that will provide you will a variety of quotes. The best bet would be to visit a webpage that is dedicated to the sport of softball.

What is a large wide river of ice?

A ice hockey pitch!

Length of cricket pitch?

22 yards,and 3m wide.

Why traffic cones have wide bases?

They have wide bases to help them to not topple over easily in a wind or passing vehicle. Most traffic cones have a heavy rubber base to help them to be even more stable.

Which type of water way is the best for the environment for decomposers?

a wide and slow moving river.

How big is the biggest football pitch in the world?

300 acres wide

How wide should a cricket pitch be?

10 feet or 3 meters.

What is the length of a full size cricket wide?

The pitch is 22 yards

What does asa stand for?

it means angle-side-angle and is to do with constructing triangles i no i am a clever chap at 12. It may mean angle-sided-angle too but asa stands for Amateur Softball Association. ASA is a world wide softball association.

How tall is a 48 ft wide truss with 4 in 12 pitch?


What are the zones called in softball?

Strike Zone The strike zone is from the knee to shoulder of the batting softball player. The strike zone also extends as wide as a normal swing. A strike is called if the ball passes through the strike zone and reaches the catcher. The softball umpire will also call a strike if a batter swings and misses at a pitch outside the strike zone. Three strikes result in a batter being called out by the softball umpire. A ball is called for all pitches that miss the strike zone. Four balls allow a batter to walk to first base uncontested. Outfield These 3 zones are short, middle, and long. In the outfield.