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18 inches/45 cm

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Q: How wide is a NBA rim?
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How wide is an NBA rim?

about one or two inches wide

What color is nba rim?


How far is the free throw line from the front of the rim in the NBA?

In the NBA, the free throw line is 15 feet from the rim.

What is the height of the Rim of the basketball?

An NBA regulation rim is 10 feet high.

Height of nba rim?

10 feet

Can you put a 13.5 in wide tire on a 9.5in wide rim?

...............??....... NO

How tall is the nba rim?

11 feet low

How big is the nba rim?

18 inches in diameter...

How big is an nba rim?

18 inches in diameter

What is the official height of an NBA rim?

10 feet

How high is an nba rim?

From the floor to the rim it is 10 feet tall or around 3 metres.

How high is NBA rim?

From the floor to the rim it is 10 feet tall or around 3 metres.

Has the NBA rim always been 10 feet?

yes every rim from the ground to the rim has always been 10 feet

Is the nba hoop measured by the rim or the top of the backboard?

The measurement of 10' refers to the distance from the rim to the ground.

Who far away is a basketball rim from the floor?

8 ft is the official NBA height from floor to the rim.

How do you tell if your 1979 susan b Anthony dollar is wide rimmed?

If you have a wide rim Anthony, the date will be almost touching the rim with only a very small space between them. Compare the 1979 wide rim to any other Anthony dollar and you will readily see the difference. If you see no difference then your is probably not a wide rim.

Who was the first NBA player to break the rim?


How high are NBA goals?

10 feet - from the floor to the rim.

How big is an official NBA rim?

18 inches in diameter...

How many feet is a NBA size rim?

10 feet

Which NBA player can dunk on the highest rim?

rajon rondick

What is the length of a three-point line in the NBA?

24 ft. from the rim.

How many feet is an NBA 3 point line from the rim?


Is a high school basketball rim taller than a NBA one?


How tall is the rim for WNBA vs NBA?

Same height, 10ft