How wide are the seats at fenway park?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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All the seats at fenway are awsome if you can get your hands on any tickets go for it!

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Q: How wide are the seats at fenway park?
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How many seats did the original Fenway Park hold?


How many rows in grandstand 17 at fenway?

In 1912 there were 35,000 seats, which steadily increased to 39,928 in 2008.

What month and year did the green monster seats debut at fenway park?

April 2003

How many seats in foxboro stadium?

As of 2011 there are 37,493 seats in Fenway Park; however, during day games only 37,065 seats are used.

How many seats per row per section in the grandstands at fenway park?

It depends on the row.

Info on 2009 renovations on fenway park?

this offseason they are going to be replacing the red seats in the loge, field box, dugout box and the right field roof seats.

How do you get season tickets for the box seats at Fenway park?

This is a good site to get that information:

How many seats in fenway park's centerfield are closed off during day games?

They say it is a good 500-700 range

Who built fenway park?

James L Taylor built Fenway park

Where are the best cheap seats at Fenway Park?

The best seats in Fenway Park is anywhere. You will be able to have a great view even under the overhang. If you really wanted to spoil yourself, you can have seats on the Green Monster. They are very far in the outfield, but they are toatlly worth it. So whenever you go to Fenway Park just try to get a seat near first base because you will be able to see the Pesky Pole. Lastly, don't get a seat right behind a big sign!!!!

Where is the owners box at fenway?

The owners' box at Fenway is located directly to the left of the Red Sox dugout at the field level. The box consists of standard Fenway stadium seats, 24 seats in all (3 rows of 8 seats).

Are Box 93 Row SS good seats at Fenway?

these seats are in the extreme right field section abd row ss is pretty far to the my opinion these are decent seat but not great...but hard to get any seats at this park