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Q: How were villages organised in pre European times?
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How were villages in Samoa organised in pre European times?

Villages were organised by high chiefs (matai) and this tradition is still present today.

Where did most people in pre industrial times live?

Most people in pre-industrial times lived in small country villages with populations of 500 people or less. Many never left their village.Most remained in their villages until they died.

What clothes did the maori where?

Pre-european times? Korowai, piupiu, maro, rapaki, pari.

Was the color red available for maori art in pre-European times?

yes it was, it was made from clays which were baked and mixed with oil, known as kokowai.

During which era did Egypt evolve from individual villages into two major kingdoms?

The Pre-dynastic

What is the former population of the Chinook tribe?

From 10s of thousands of people pre-European contact to the 1000s in the early to mid-1800s. Some large villages went from several hundred people to just a dozen or so during the small pox epidemic.

What is the language from which Indo-European came?

Proto-Indo-European. (There is also a new theoretical language called Pre-proto-Indo-European).

What are the pre-roman European visual alchemical symbols for the earth?


What was Rwanda called before?

Kingdom of Rwanda. In pre-colonial times,there was no universal name as understood by European settlers but after the European Convention of 1910, the area was part of the German East Africa until WWI when to the victors went the spoils.

Why did great advances occur in the Pre-European Period in Peru?

Pre-European Peru was home to very advanced civilizations, most notably the Inca Empire. Machu Picchu, for example, was built during this time.

What actors and actresses appeared in MTV European Music Awards Pre-Party 2010 - 2010?

The cast of MTV European Music Awards Pre-Party 2010 - 2010 includes: Christine Rolloff as herself

Is it illegal for a childcare provider to tickle a child.?

it depends on whether pre agreement with the parents has been organised allowing the care taker to do so , otherwise yes