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that has nothing to do with sports

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Q: How were immigrants treated on Angel Island?
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Related questions

How were Angel Island immigrants treated?

they were treated well

What treatment of immigrants in Angel Island?

they were treated kindly

What were Ellis isle and angel isle what was the difference between them how were immigrants treated at each site?

What were Ellis Island and angel island what was the difference between them how were immigrants treated at each site

What was done to stop Asian immigrants from coming to America?

They were treated badly at Angel Island.

How were immigrants treated at Angel Island?

they werent treated anyway because they was in an immigrant facility getting check for illness.

What major groups of immigrants came to Angel Island?

Angel Island had immigrants from Asia.

Where were the immigrants that came from Angel Island from?

they were Chinese immigrants or Japanese immigrants

Where were immigrants at Angel Island from?


How were different racial groups treated differently upon entering the us when comparing Ellis island to angel island?

The US treated Europeans better than Asians. Ellis Island only rejected about 3% of the European immigrants. Angel Island rejected about 18% of the Chinese and Japanese immigrants. People were afraid that Asians would take jobs from white men.

Why did immigrants go to angel island?

Immigrants went to Angel Island to be asked by government officials about there past and be checked for illnesses and disorder.But Angel Island was just a Immigrant facility

Most of the immigrants processed at Angel Island were from?

Most of the immigrants processed at the Angel Island station in San Francisco Bay were Chinese.

How were immigrants’ experiences different at Ellis Island than Angel Island?

The immigrants who landed at Ellis Island near New York were processed much quicker than immigrants who landed at Angel Island near San Francisco. Angel Island immigrants were held to higher standards than those of Ellis Island.

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