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Q: How were drums as way of communication in olden days?
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What are facts about olden days?

in the olden days dairy cows where milked by hand, the way they did this was by squeezing the teats really gently and the milk will come out. Another fact is that milk wasnt transported my trucks it was transpoted by hotse's and buggys.

What kind of pen was used to write in the olden days?

The 'olden days' dip-pen was made from bird's flight feathers - geese, ducks, usually. The tip that once went into the bird's skin, was cut in such a way as to form a nib.

What is the difference between modern and old student life?

1. when kids were naughty in the olden days they got hit with a cane. newer days kids get detention 2. most schools dont have uniforms today all had uniforms in the olden days 3. school was really strict in olden days (slouching/eating/talking/work/neatness) stuff like that. today school is way laid back

What was the sun used for in the olden days?

In the olden days, the sun was used for things the way it is used today. The sun was used to grow crops, dry things, and provide warmth. The sun was also used as a crude method of keeping time when it was striking a sundial.

Who made computers in the olden days?

The same way the new ones do, just slower, smaller hard drives and heavier

What did people use to communicate in olden days?

It depends on what you mean by 'olden days' - ancient peoples had to have most messages hand-delivered, often over hundreds of miles. In some cultures, carrier pigeons would be used to send and receive letters. In this county, native Americans might use smoke signals in a way similar to Morse code; later there was the Pony Express, then the teletype (telegram); and finally modern phones and digital communication - just like this!

What did olden days horses look like?

Most horse breeds looked the same way they do now, but they tended to be smaller in height.

Is television a part of telecommunication?

Yes, television is part of telecommunication. In the olden days, radio was patently part of telecommunication. Television when it came, circa 1960s, was then relatively a new and modern form of communication. Thus, it actually took the place of radio but in a more graphic and modernistic way.

How were drums used in ancient times and how are they used nowadays?

Most drums are still used exactly the same way they were used in ancient times in festivals, music, communication and battle marches. The differences between then and now are that the variety of drums have increased and most were incorporated into modern day music.

Why does a blouse have buttons on the opposite side to a shirt?

In the olden days, women used to button up their husband's shirt. This way, they will be buttoning with the same movement.

Why do girls cross there legs?

You mean when they sit down on a chair?? I suppose it's just because of the the polit lady-like way back in the olden days.

What instruments are used in Just The Way You Are?

His voice, the piano and the drums.