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Really it depends on the velocity and how hard you hit someone. or how big or tall.

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Q: How well does a football helmet really protect against impact?
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How does a football helmet protect you from impact?

Well it depends on the helmet, the velocity, and what u r hitting.

How well does a football helmet protect against impact?

Can't tell if you've accidentally placed this question in the wrong category, or if you want to use a motorcycle helmet for bike riding. But basically any helmet is better than no helmet, but a helmet built for the intended usage is better than just using any helmet. In this case a football helmet is designed to be able to take several hits with lesser energy than compared to a motorcycle helmet. An MC helmet is expected to protect against one massive hit and then to be discarded.

Can a 7th grader use how well does a football helmet really protect against impact for a science fair project?

es, that is the topic of my science fair project......

How do you collect data on how well does a football helmet really protect against impact?

With a National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) certified tower.

How well does a football helmet protect aginst impact?

if in good condition it is designed to destroy its self before u get hurt

How does a helmet protect you?

A helmet prevents the head from taking a direct impact with some solid object.

How does a hockey helmet protect the player from the impact of forces?

it breaks your head

What kind of sport helmets protect you from the most impact?

A Bicycle helmet

How well does a bike helmet protect against impact?

Well, a bike helmet is sometimes made out of steel or plastic, so I say just to be sure look on the internet and look it up before you do anything major!

How does your skull protect the brain?

It does what a helmet does for your head i.e shock absorbion and impact protection

Does a fotball helmet really protect against impact?

It gives the head a pad of protection, not all the protection in the world though, that's why today you see all these players getting concussions

Can a motorcycle helmet be dropped and still protect?

Yes, but it is not recommended. Helmet manufacturers recommend helmet replacement after any impact to the shell. A motorcycle helmet is designed to absorb the impact and damage that would otherwise be reserved for your skull, but it is not designed to survive the impact. Any impact from a drop on solid ground (concrete or hardwood floor) can cause microfractures to the shell that are naked to the human eye. A good rule of thumb is this: If the impact would have raised a bump on your unprotected head, get a new helmet.

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