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In test tubes.

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Q: How was the serum packed on the first Iditarod?
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Who began the Iditarod?

the iditarod originated from the serum run.

Who is the modern Iditarod inspired by?

the serum race to Nome.

What does the Iditarod represent?

it sort of represents the serum run, which it originated from.

Why was the Iditarod invented?

it was to commemorate the serum race, mushers + dogs

What was the serum packed in during the 1925 serum run?

Probably LSD.... yes drugs but it was actually very effective not even kidding

What are the 3 things that must be packed on the sled for the Jr iditarod race?

food,water,and blankets

What are the 3 things that must be packed on the sled for the Jr. iditarod race?

food,water,and blankets

When is the Iditarod held -?

The first day of the Iditarod is March 2nd, 2013

Why was the first long Iditarod race run?

The Iditarod was conceived by Dorothy Page and Joe Redington as a way to keep dog sledding alive and a way to commemorate the serum run of 1925, in which a relay of dogsled teams brought diptheria to Nome, Alaska, saving the lives of many native children. :)

When was the first long Iditarod race run to Nome?

The first Iditarod was held in 1973. Yupperz=)

When does Iditarod start?

The first Iditarod race to Nome was in March 3, 1973

How is Balto related to the Iditarod?

Balto was a famous sled dog who was the lead dog in a team that carried vital medicine to Nome during a diphtheria epidemic in 1925. This event, called the 1925 Serum Run to Nome. The Iditarod Trail Committee promotes the Iditarod as a commemoration of the 1925 Anchorage to Nome diphtheria serum delivery. However, the race actually celebrates the memory of musher Leonhard Seppala. The Iditarod was patterned after the All-Alaskan Sweepstakes which were races held in the early 1900s. The Iditarod was not patterned after the serum delivery.The idea for the Iditarod started with Dorothy Page."(In 1967) run in two heats over a 25-mile course, the race was officially named the Iditarod Trail Seppala Memorial Race, in honor of mushing legend Leonhard Seppala." "Over the years, the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race's origins have been closely linked with the 'great mercy race' to Nome. Most people believe the Iditarod was established to honor drivers and dogs who carried the diphtheria serum, a notion the media have perpetuated. In reality, 'Seppala was picked to represent all the mushers,' Page stressed. 'He died in 1967 and we thought it was appropriate to name the race in his honor. But it could just as easily have been named after Scotty Allan. The race was patterned after the Sweepstakes races, not the serum run.'"- Dorothy Page, co-founder of the Iditarod, discussing the origins of the race- Sherwonit, Bill. Iditarod, Seattle:Alaska Northwest Books, 1991(Bill Sherwonit reported on sled dog racing for over ten years for the Anchorage Times. He wrote articles for numerous publications including National Wildlife magazine and the Anchorage Daily News.)Joe Redington, Sr. later expanded the original 1967 event making it longer and more lucrative. There are few similarities between the route of the serum delivery and thepresent-day Iditarod dog sled race routes. In the serum delivery, a train carried the medication from Anchorage to Nenana. From there the dogs ran the remaining 674 miles in relays to Norton Sound and up the Bering Sea Coast to Nome. There were 20 serum mushers with dog teams and no dog ran over 92 miles.The Iditarod race follows a northern route in even-numbered years and a southern route in odd numbered years. The northern route goes from Anchorage to Ophir and then north to Ruby. The southern route goes from Anchorage to McGrath and then on to Unalakleet. Only the trails from Ruby to Nome and Unalakleet to Nome have similarities to the serum delivery route.The Iditarod now allows mushers to use GPS devices. In 1925, these devices didn't exist.