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No one can say for certain how, where or who invented sailing. It probably happened in many places at the same time. Perhaps someone using a piece of hide held out to catch the wind.

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Q: How was the sailboat invented?
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Where was the sailboat invented?

The sailboat was invented in Ancient Mesopotamia.

Who invented the sailboat?

The first civilization that invented the sailboat was the Sumerians.

The Guptas invented the?


Who invented the wheel and the sailboat?

they were both invented by the sumerians

What year was the sailboat invented?

500 b.c.

When was the sailboat invented?

by the ancient Romans and egyptians 3000 .b.c.

Why was the sailboat invented?

so the pimps could have there hoes delivered

What are three things that the Sumerians invented?

wagon stylus sailboat

What are five things the Mesopotamians invented?

Mesopotamia invented writing, time, the plow, the sailboat and irrigation

When was a sailboat invented?

it was invented by the sumerians in 3,500 B.C it was made for easy water transportation, fishing, and trade.

Who is the first person to create a sailboat?

The Sumerians from Mesopotamia invented the wheel. :D

What is metaphor for sailboat?

Sailboat is your head Sailboat is your headSailboat is your head

What are the Sumerian?

They were the first known civilisation on earth. They invented the wheel, the sailboat,and the first writing system.

What is 1 fact about Mesopotamia?

Sumerians invented the wheel, aqueducts, battering rams, irrigation systems, and the sailboat.

Is sailboat a compound word?

Yes, sailboat is a compound word. (sail + boat = sailboat)

What is the pole on a sailboat?

a pole on a sailboat is a mast

What powers a sailboat?

Wind powers a sailboat.

How do you use sailboat in a sentence?

we bought a sailboat

What part of speech is sailboat?

Sailboat is a compound noun.

What part of speech is the word sailboat?

Sailboat is a noun.

When a sailboat overtakes a powerboat which vessel is the stand-on vessel?

When a sailboat overtakes a powerboat, the powerboat is the stand-on vessel. (Ref: SB-29)

When was If You Were a Sailboat created?

If You Were a Sailboat was created on 2007-09-24.

When did the phonecians invent the sail boat?

It cannot be confirmed for certain that they did invent the sailboat. It was probably invented by many people in many place.

Who made the sailboat?

The Egyptian people were said to have made the first sailboat.

What is 'sailboat' in Romanian?

Barcă cu pînze is a Romanian equivalent of 'sailboat'.