How was the alphbet created?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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This is not a sports question, go to the dumb question section

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Q: How was the alphbet created?
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What is the alphbet backwards?


Who made the alphbet?

god made it maybe?

How did the alphbet come?

by sir alph of bet

What are fruit that begin with the letter u in the alphbet?

· uvilla

What alphbet rhymes with design?

align porcupine? sanguine

What is the third word of the NATO phonetic alphbet?


Who developed the first alphbet?

The Phoenicians developed the first alphabet

Who was the member of the trading people who taught the Greeks the alphBET?

It was the Phoenicans

What is the greek root meaning for alphbet?

The Greek word in Alphabetos

How many letters in the alphbet?

There are 26 letters in the alphabet. ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRTUVWXYZ

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The word dinosaur's means "terrible lizard".

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it means it will teach you to count and say the alphbet.