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Q: How was the Olympic flame lit at Barcelona in 1992?
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Which olympic flame was lit by a flaming arrow?

1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona by Antonio Rebollo, a Paralympian.

When was Olympic flame lit first?

1928 athens olympic.

Why is the Olympic flame lit?

The Olympic flame signifies the value of Peace and Brotherhood which is the basis of the Olympics.

Where does the olympic flame get lit?

Olympia, greece

Where Olympic flame is lit?

in olympia (Greece)

What relights the olympic flame?

The oympic flame is lit at a Olympia by the sun

Why was the Olympic flame 2012 lit in Olympia?


How is the Olympic flame in Greece first lit?

with fire

Where was the Olympic flame lit for the 2010 games?

my anis

In which temple in Olympia is the olympic flame lit?


The olympic games flame was lit at?

the begining of the ceromomy

What happens to the Olympic flame before the start of the Olympic games?

it gets lit