How was surfing started?

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Surfing was started by the Hawaiians as a tribal activity. Chiefs surfed together as a sign of peace and surfing was also used the way it is today: as a mating offering. Lots of information is available about the start of surfing, just Google "surfing history" or "timeline of surfing."

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Q: How was surfing started?
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What was surfing invented for?

hello surfing started in 1891

Where did surfing start and when?

surfing started in Hawaii first and then started in Australia around the late 1930s. Then it exploded in the 60s

How old was Bethany Hamilton when she first started surfing in competitions?

Bethany was eight when she first started surfing competitively

When did Bethany Hamilton first start surfing?

Bethany started surfing at 4 She entered her first surfing competition at the age of 8

When did Kelly Slater get started with surfing?

When he was swifty schive

What was Bethany Hamilton's childhood like when she was little?

She was 4 when she started surfing. When she was 7 she surfed in her first surfing competiton

When exactly was surfing started?

The earliest evidence of surfing history can be traced back to 12th century Polynesia. :) Was that helpful?

What surfing equipment has changed since surfing started?

well surfing has gone around the world and now we have wet suits because of the cold waters... surfboards also changed they used to be made out of wood but now they are mostly made out of fiberglass. Other surfing accessories such as surfboard wax have evolved over time.

Where did surfing originate and who started it?

ancient Hawaiians, although some argue about Mayan culture in Peru having some sort of surfing. Traditionally its thought to be the ancient Hawaiians. Aloha brah

What is the spanish word for surfing?

surf surfing, surfriding acuaplano aquaplane, surfing, surfriding sorfeo surfing

Which kind of verb tense is surfing?

The verb surfing is the present participle of surf.It is used with be verbs to make continuous tenses:past continuous - He was surfing. They were surfing.present continuous - I am surfing, He is surfing, They are surfing

What are some sports played in Pilippines?

surfing, surfing, surfing, surfing, some skateboarding, and more surfing, you could eat some burritos 2

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