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Football was formed by the sport that is called Rugby.

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Q: How was football formed?
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When Chelsea football club was formed?

Chelsea Football Club was formed in 1905

When was the Clemson Tigers football team formed?

The Clemson Tigers football team was formed around 1986. This team was formed at Clemson University in South Carolina. This is a college football team.

When was the Ipswich Town football club formed?

The Ipswich Town Football Club located in Ipswich, Suffolk is an English professional football team. It was formed in 1878 and joined the Football League in 1938.

In what year was Football invented?

1863 - the year the Football Association was formed.

What football association was formed before CAF?

FIFA was the first football association. It was formed in Paris on May 21st, 1904. It started everything.

What happened in rugby in 1863?

The football association was formed and outlawed handling the ball. The players of the time split from the FA and formed the Rugby Football Union

When was blackpool football club formed?

The Blackpool Football Club was formed in 1887. C'monthe Pool!!

What word is formed when you unscramble flotaolb?

"Football" is formed form unscrambling 'flotaolb'.

When was the England national football team formed?

it was formed on the 13th march 1870

When was Celtic football formed?


How old is professional football?

The first professional league of American football was formed in 1920.

Whats the formed for every football team?

team captians are formed on every team

It is stated that Sheffield FC are the oldest football in the world formed 1857 But you state that Edinburgh football club?

Edinburgh was formed in 1857 also but its a Rugby Union club

Which football club was formed by students?


When was Scotland's football team formed?


When was the football team France formed?


When was Chelsea football club formed?


What year did soccer begin?

"Soccer" is an abbreviation of Association Football, a form of football originally codified by the Football Association when it was formed in 1863..

When did football orignate?

William Pudge had the first professional football contract in 1892. The American Professional Football Association was formed in 1920.

What did the AFC originate as?

The American Football Conference began as the American Football League. It was formed in 1970.

What football team did nelson Mandela support?

Orlando Pirates Football Club, Formed in 1937.

When was Preston north end formed?

Preston North End Football Club was formed in 1881.

Who is the real inventor of the sport football?

In 1863,at Cambridge University, a group of Englishmen formed the Football Association and invented the modern game of football.

When was the NFL formed?

In 1922 the name was changed from American Pro Football Association to the National football league.

When was Crystal Palace Football Club formed?