How was Michael Jordan a good sport?

Updated: 11/21/2022
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he cooperated wth his team

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Q: How was Michael Jordan a good sport?
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What sport did Michael Jordan play during his first retirement?

Michael Jordan's first retirement was from the sport of professional basketball.

Which sport did Michael Jordan try after doing basketball?

Michael Jordan played baseball because his dad loved baseball

What other professional sport did Michael Jordan try?


How did Michael get so good at basketball?

he put in 100% effort and heart into the sport to win the championship on the wizards and to win MVP so that's how Michael Jordan became so good

In 1993 Michael Jordan played another sport professionally which sport?

Baseball. Never made it to the Major Leagues only the Minors. He still had to be pretty good to make it there though.

Does every black men is good at sport?

Not necessarily. Some of them are very very good at sports, like Michael Jordan, but those are just a few out of a lot.

Where can one purchase Michael Jordan clothing?

Michael Jordan is mainly known for his skills on the basketball court but there is also a line of shoes named after him. One could find Michael Jordan heels from the Michael Jordan online store or from other local department stores.

How Michael Jordan become involved in the sport?

By watching basketball,then he got involved.

Who are good idols?

michael jordan

Who was the first underclassman to leave college and play a major pro sport?

Michael Jordan

How was Michael Jordan successful at playing baseball?

Because he plays the sport. fankss bbz'xoxo

Which American retailers offer Michael Jordan posters for sale?

There are many retailers selling Michael Jordan posters. Look for them at Amazon or ebay. You might also find them in sporting good stores, or stands that sell sport objects located in the middle of a mall.