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lenin believed in a small,all powerful government

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Q: How was Lenins view of communism different from marxs theories?
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How was Lenin s view of communism different from marxs theories?

lenin beleived in a small , all-powerful government

What motivated Karl Marxs?


What motivates Karl Marxs?


How was Lenin view of communism different from marxs theory?

lenin beleived in a small , all-powerful government

What was not a part of marxs tranaition from capitalism to communism?

a peaceful overthrow of the government

What is Karl Marxs famous for?

That Communism was the economic system that we should use instead of capitalism.

What are the major ideological components of marxs communism?

wish i did know so i could answer this question. thought the internet had everything lol

Who is Karl Marxs?


Is the marxs brothers Jewish?


What did Karl Marxs do?

he killed people

What is Karl Marxs's favorite color?


What were Karl Marxs haves called?

the bourgeoisie

Is Karl Marx a Famous or Infamous?

give critical outlook to karl marxs theory

What did Karl Marxs study?

Marx studied law in the University of Bonn and the University of Berlin.

Effects of Karl Marxs leadership and imposition of ideas?

the deaths of millions and millions and the hardship of millions more

Did Karl Marxs die?

He died on March 14, 1883. See the related link for more information.

What was Karl marxs favorite color?

OBVI it was red blue and of course...............PIIIIIINNNKKKK!!!!!!!

The influence of Karl marxs idea of alienation can be seen in the many characters in modernist fiction who seem?

cut off from who they are

Why is Karl Marxs famous?

He co-authored the Communist Manifesto, along with Frederick Engels. It's the basic Communist doctrine.

What is a central idea in marxs communist manifesto?

a society without any social classes is best for all < nova net answer

How did lenins bolshevik ideas differ marxs?

The basic difference between Lenin and Marx was the economy of a nation that would support a true communist government. Marx believed that a country would be ripe for a communist revolution if: 1. The country was industrialized with a valid trade union component. 2. The country therefore could not have an economy that was basically an agricultural country. Russia's economy was based on agriculture and had no viable trade union component. Russia in 1917 was not an industrial based country. Therefore Marx and Lenin would be at odds with each other on these vital points.

What were 3 criticisms of Karl marxs theory of Communism?

1. It failed to explain how money gets that way - which Henry Miller later explained in his classic essay, "Money And How It Gets That Way." 2. It did not take into account the fact that the majority of people are greedy, illiterate slack-jawed ridge runners with the moral instincts of rutting bandicoots, and that consequently Communism was bound to fail because there would always be Communist bosses (Commissars) who would skim the cream off everything and treat the workers like yellow dogs - treat them in fact worse than the Czar did. 3. There were no jokes or illustrations in it, and no dirty parts.

Who did the key ideas of the Communist Manifesto appeal to?

Marxs ideas in Communist Manifesto appealed to the poor people who wanted to be treated equally in everyway

What is Karl Marxs known for?

The Communist Manifesto" in early 1848, as the manifesto of the Communist League, a small group of European communists who had come to be influenced by them.

What was the communist ideology of Karl Marx?

Marx's ideas were that of pure equality. He wanted a world where everyone was equal. His theories, while impractical because of the nature of man, were truly "good". His ultimate goal was to eradicate poverty. The communists took his basic tenet of equality and perverted it into everyone is equal under the government. Communism Marxs philosophical basis of communism was called dialectical materialism. This briefly purported to claim that ideas were secreted by the brain and thus no inner soul or deity had anything to do with thoughts and the implementation of thoughts and ideas. Therefore the human being was the product of pure science and human beings were the final judgement to what was wrong and what was right. Marx said that religion was the opiate of the people. Nothing supersedes the human thought process. The first answer to this question is a bit off. Under Communism there was no governments. To get to this utopia first required a revolution among the working classes which would govern as the Dictatorship of the Proletariat. Clearly this had to mean that every nation would participate. A dissenting nation, with an army would screw the entire plan up. Sorry about the last phrase there. Its a bit non philosophical. To continue dialectical materialism is a discarded philosophy sitting in the dustbin of ideas.