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The "metal thing" I believe you are referring to are called "bearings", they make your wheels go round! They are simple to remove and to install, but considered the "ghetto" way, no tools required. To remove, take the nut off the axel so you can remove the wheel, but do not fully remove the wheel. Pull it almost all the way off, yet still touching the axel of your truck. Then start to bend it at an angle. The tork and force from your pull will remove them. This is just one way, it can damage your bearing, but most likely you will be fine, I've done it for 10+ years with no problems.

To install a "metal thing" into your wheels is easy too. Lay the "metal thing" loose on to your axel of your truck. Then, lay your wheel over it onto the axel and just push down. It will pop right in. Then take it off and turn the wheel over and put in the other one (one bearing for each side of the wheel).

If you ever run threw water, are going slow, see rust on them or haven't replaced them in a so. New bearings are priceless and feel so good when you are riding...smooth as butter! If you have the cash, get new wheels too, nothing like a smooth ride from new wheels and can get blank wheels for $150$20 for a whole set and decent bearings for $10-$ is worth it!

Hope this helps kids! One love!

westsidejesse from So Bay CA.

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to take of grip tape on your skate board you have to get a blow dryer and blow dry the edges of your grip tape to loosen the adhesive. Next you get one of those small razors and lift the edge of the grip. After that you have to blow dry the whole sheet of grip. after all of that is done you have to put your foot in the middle of the board and grab the edge that you put up and pull at about a 45 degree angle.

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Q: How to take off the metal thing from your wheels on your skateboard?
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