How to spend quality time with my children?

Updated: 12/16/2022
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Eula O'Hara

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You can cut down your work. Work is important. Your children need your attention, not money. Adopt a flexible working pattern. No one can care for your child as you do. If you are not satisfied with my answer, you can find different ways to spare time for your children. I am sending you a referral. Perhaps it may help you

How to make the most out of my time with my child(ren)?

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Niya Bharti

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Q: How to spend quality time with my children?
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What does it mean to spend quality time?

To spend quality time with some one is to spend time with them happily.

How much time do parents spend time with their kids?

In the old days and in the third-world parents spend an average of about 10 hours with their kids, even sleep with them. This has become less in our modern world and with working parents the amount recommended is a MINIMUM of 3 hours a day but many spend about an hour a day and far less for teenagers. The lack of "quality time" a family needs together may lead to the kids going on drugs, wacko and amok!

Did Amelia Earhart spend time with her children?

She had no children.

Do you currently spend time with children?


Do working parents spend more time with their children then before?

Some working parents may spend more time with their children than they did before they worked, but some parents may have less time for their children.

What do African families do for quality time?

They like to do something fun and spend time together

Why do parents spend less time with there children?

to spend quality time with them and to show them that they love them.

In 2009 what does Larry Bird do?

spend quality time with friends and family

What does justin bieber do on brakes?

He likes to spend quality time with his family..:)

How did Sioux children spend their time?

playing with there things.

How much time do children spend in the classroom versus time spent with parents?

Children spend about 7 hours of their day in a classroom during the school year. Often times they spend an equal amount with their parents.

How to spend separate time with your biological children from foster children?

if you cant spend time with both of them at the same time, Get one child to go somewhere with a friend then you have time with the other child and try spending time with them together.