How to play basketball with a girl?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Yes, but don't do it in front of a crowd. Do it while you are playing 1 on 1 or when you are taking a water break. If you do it infront of people, it will get there attention. Putting you you in a nervous position.

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play like you play with friends, why? you think girls cant play BB?

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Q: How to play basketball with a girl?
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What do you do well?

I draw and play basketball for the girl's varsity team.

What did Girl Scouts wear when they couldn't wear shorts or trousers during basketball?

In the early years of Girl Scouting, Girl Scouts could not play basketball in public. They played on courts which were covered by blankets or curtains so the public could not see them playing basketball. The girls wore their Girl Scout uniforms or they wore bloomers to play basketball in.

What can I take an interest in?

you can cheerlead if your a girl or a boy and you can play football if your a boy or you can play basketball if your a boy or girl or you can do what ever you want to do

what you doing?

I draw and play Basketball for the girl's varsity team.

Should a girl play basketball?

Sure, if you want to. Go ahead!

What was the name of Juliette Gordon Low's basketball team?

Juliette Gordon Low did not have a specific basketball team. At the time she began Girl Scouting in the US, girls were not allowed to play basketball in public. Girl Scouts had to play on a basketball court that was surrounded by curtains so that people passing by could not see the girls playing basketball. Girl Scouts played basketball as part of their troop activities. After Juliette Gordon Low returned to England, Edith Johnston took Juliette's place and it was Edith's idea to organize a basketball league and tournament for the Girl Scouts.

What size basketball does an 11 year old girl use?

Typically for that age girls use the womens size or 28.5.

What is Michael Jordan's favorite hobby?

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It depends really Karate you can get injured and in basketball you can get injured but in karate you can brake your arm and in basketball you can sprain your ankle if you play roughly so no basketball is better then karate so chose basketball. I play basketball and a girl on the other team tried to smack by jumping to it but the girl with the ball moved and the one girl hit smack down on the floor and twisted her ankle because she was being rough. I was in karate but I quit because i broke my arm by braking a block.

Is it against the rules for a girl to play on a boys basketball team in middle school?

Yes it is, I think.

What is the name of the movie where a girl pretends to be a boy to play basketball?

Loves that movie when i was young. Called "Nobody's Perfect" staring Chad Lowe