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by the sound. if it is a high pitched screamy type sound when you rev it then it is two stroke.

it is it a lower sound, then it is four stroke

If it's a 2 stroke you have to mix the gas and oil before hand, 4 stroke you just put gas in it , With no oil.

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Q: How to know if I own a 2 stroke or four stroke dirt bike?
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How do you know if your Orion dirt bike is a 2 stroke or a 4 stroke?

All of the Orion bikes use a 4 stroke engine.

What kind of gas do i put in my dirt bike?

well that depends if you have a two stroke or four. if yours is a four stroke, use straight gas. if its a two stroke use a gas+oil mix. you should know the mixing ratio. lots are 40:1 but it could also be 32:1 depending on the bike.

What kind of oil do you put in a 2 stroke dirt bike?

Best to use two stroke oil. Mix it with the petrol, (I guess you know this)

How do you know when to shift on a dirt bike?

Depends if its 2 stroke or 4 stroke. A 2 stroke bike you can tell by the RPMS which they will be real high which your bike will be very loud. Also if you have a 4 stroke bike you can shift anytime just 4 stroke bikes have torque all the time. so it really depends if your racing just cruising or whatever it all depends on what you r doing.

Is a 200cc dirt bike safe for an 11 year old?

In my opinion NO. An 80cc would be a good start. 125cc if the rider is experienced. If its a four stroke and he/she is experienced enough to know his limitations I would proceed with caution.

Is there a 450 2 stroke dirt bike?

You can't get a 450 2 stroke but you can get a 500cc 2 stroke.there is not one made now but there was a 450 cc two stroke dirt bike i know of,the 1974 Husqvarna Desert Master,this was a 450 and from what i read about it,it was a wretched bike.another one is the 1981 Honda CR450 and it was another loser,the CR480 and CR500 was much better.

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How do I know if my dirt bike is stolen?

It is missing from where you last had it.

How do by a dirt bike?

Just save your money and look for a decent used bike for a first bike. There are lots of good used dirt bikes if you know what to look at when buying a bike.

What was first dirt bike company?

it's got to be a british bike but do not know which one

What is the highest cc in a dirt bike?

1000 cc that i know of

What are the innovations of the dirt bike?

i dont know how bout u

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