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The simplest thing to do is to get your jumping muscles stronger. You do this by getting strong using full back squats, implementing explosive movements like olympic lifts to better recruit fast twitch muscle fibers, by doing plyometric exercises, and by simply jumping.

you make your extisons faster if you dont know what i mean think of it like this push up your foot forword then extend as far as you can so when you runing this will extend you lung and will also make u go higer i can dunk and iam only 5 10

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There are many programs which can help improve a vertical leap. Here are a few exercises which over time, will help improve jumping capability immensely. If there is any pain associated with these exercises, discontinue doing them and see a doctor if the pain persists.

When embarking on improving your vertical leap, don't do the exercises seven days a week. Four or five days a week should be enough. Keeping up these routine exercises for months or years on a regular basis is what should be done in order achieve a higher jump.

The Warm Up

Before beginning, do warm up exercises. Do a few stretching exercises and jog in place for a few minutes. Using a jump rope is also an excellent way to warm up leg muscles. Running up and down the stairs can also be a good warm up exercise. Don't do this for too long, just a few minutes. The idea is to warm up not wear out!

The Jumping Exercises

Deep Knee Bend and Jump: While standing, crouch down quickly, almost touching your rear end to the ground, then jump up as high as you possibly can. As soon as you land, immediately crouch and jump back up again. Do this 15 times, and when becoming proficient at it, increase to 20-30 times, and so on.

Toe Raises: Stand, then raise up to the tips of the toes, then lower back down. Don't just rock up and down, do it slowly and steadily. Repeat this exercise 30-50 times.

Toe Raises with Weights: Use any type of weights, holding or wearing them while doing these toe raises will help. Use small weights (5 or 10 pounds will do) and work up from there.

Stomach Crunches: Sit-ups are bad for the back. Do crunches by lying down and keeping the back straight, using the ab muscles, rise up just enough to lift the shoulders off the ground. Do them often, for 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night.

Jumping Rope: Jumping rope can help the vertical leap. Anyone can jump rope while watching TV, for instance. Make it a habit.

These exercises will improve the vertical leap over time. Just don't give up!

Doing the exercises while watching TV or listening to music helps with the routine feeling of doing these exercises, and can make them easier to get through.
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Q: How to jump higher?
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