Updated: 9/27/2023
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Agent Frostikk

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I wouldn't recommend jaywalking, but if you need to, please look both ways before crossing the street.

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Evan Stamurgatroyd

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How do you say was going for a walk in french?

"(I) was going for a walk" is "(J')allais me promener" "(He) was going for a walk" is "(Il) allait se promener"

Is it illegal to j walk in ny?

Yes, Jaywalking is illegal.

Why does sal like having Indian heritage walk two moons?


What does J Walk mean?

I am not quite sure but what it means to me is crossing the streets where there is not a crosswalk or intersection.

What has the author Myrna J Alejo written?

Myrna J. Alejo has written: 'Eco-walk' -- subject(s): Environmental education, Activity programs

Who was the first person to walk to a moon?

I believe his name was John J. StopaskingtheInternetdumbquestionsanddoyourownhomework, but I could've spelled his first name wrong

What is a j-walker in the street?

Jaywalkers cross or walk in the street or road unlawfully or without regard for approaching traffic.

What does the j mean in j walk?

It is referred to as "Jay-walking" because instead of walking by making an "L" shape, one makes the shape of a "J", cutting off the corner.

Does Michael J walk on his toes in moon walk because the moon is hot?

No, the movement is mostly to help seem as though he's move in one direction, while he's actually walking backwards.

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A Walk on Wood also Bill Arthur J Hardwood Flooring.

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Soul vibration - J Walk Friends?!

What was some of the freedom in the Roman Empire?

one freedom was to j-walk and another was to give a man a full 1 day bJ