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well, ice skates are custom made in a factory and they are spacial made, you actually can't take blades off ice skates because the they screw the blades on the ice skate and then they turn them upside down and there is no way to take blades off ice skates. but instead of doing that you can buy ice skates at and ice rink near you, there is a sho inside every ice skate rink place!

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Manuals are available from Sears parts for $27 or on a CD from ebay for about $8, which would tell you the right way. I change mine my way, which may not be correct. First I pull the plug wire, so it cannot start. I put a rag there so it cannot even touch and start. Open the chute, but removing lower nuts and tilting up. Open the guard inside by pulling one pin or both. Align the blades with the chute and reach in with a small socket and remove the two nuts. Some models have allen head bolts with nuts, some have phillips, some hex on both sides. I guess it depends on who worked on it last time. Take note of which way the blade faces before removing it. Reverse the order to reassemble and move on to the other blade. Now is also a good time to check the flail blades and be sure they are all tight and have holding pins in place fully.

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im trying to figure out the same thing

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Q: How to change chipper blades in a craftsman 5 horsepower chipper?
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