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Work on your virticle leap. The higher you can jump, the easier it is to block. Wait till the ball leaves the hands of the shooter and is in the air, then jump. Make it a quick reaction to the shot. Even getting just a small piece of the ball will deflect the shot. Don't worry about getting your whole hand on it.

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Q: How to block shots?
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How to block close up shots in soccer as a goal keeper?

You can use your fist to block close up shots in soccer as a goalkeeper.

What is the job of a goalie?

they block the shots

What is a shock block in basketball?

You mean a shot block, it is only a block. Example: Player A inbouds to player B which takes it up and shots player 1 goes for the steal but, misses then, player B shots and player 2 blocks him. So that is what is a shot block. You mean a shot block, it is only a block. Example: Player A inbouds to player B which takes it up and shots player 1 goes for the steal but, misses then, player B shots and player 2 blocks him. So that is what is a shot block.

Why are there a goalie in indoor hockey?

to block shots

Who leads the NBA in block shots?

Hakeem the dream

Who has the most block shots in nba history?

Wilt Chamberlain

Who as the most block shots in NBA?

Hakeem Olajuwon with 3830

What are the names of the shots in table tennis?

the main shot is the backhand and forehand drive but there is also topspin, loop, flick, chop, push, lob, block, chop block and that's all of the main shots.

What is BS in basketball?

BS is a statistic measure in basketball and stand for Block Shots

What is a block party?

A block party is a festive event held in the street of a city block, or a basketball game during which a single player blocks the shots of many other players.

What is the name of the skate protectors the NHL players wear to block shots?

These are called "Skate Fenders".

What does BS stand for in basketball box score?

BS stands for Block Shots in a basketball box score.

What does post player means in basketball?

someone that is usually tall and can get rebounds and block shots, and has inside game

What is the record of most block shots in a NBA game?

The record for the most blocked shots in a single NBA game belongs to Toronto vs. Atlanta on March 23, 2001. This game also holds the record for most blocked shots in one half.

If a soccer game is tied how is the game detemined?

You will go into overtime (two halves of 15 minutes) if the score is tied after that you go into a penalty shootout, where one player gets in front of the goal and the goalie has to block his shots and the people alternate shots, there are 5 shots per team.

How do you beat grenadier in x-men origins?

To beat the Grenadier in the X-Men Origins game players need to block his shots and then attack. Players should tap the block button which is L2 on the PS3.

When was Shots After Shots created?

Shots After Shots was created on 2009-11-30.

State the types of shots palyed in badminton?

They are four types of shots played in badminton. These are the drop shots, clear shots, drive shots, and smash shots. It takes time to learn of these shots and when to use them.

What is the collective noun for shots?

he collective noun for shots is a volley of shots.

What Collective noun for shots?

Collective nouns are a series of shots or a schedule of shots.

How painful are rabies shots and number of shots required?

not too painful. 2 shots

What is the collective noun for rifle shots?

The collective noun for gun shots is a volley of rifle shots.

How many shots in fith of liqour?

A fifth = 25.4 ounces. Depending on what size shots you're pouring... 1.5 oz. shots = 16 shots (with a little leftover) 1.0 oz. shots = 25 shots (with a little leftover)

Are shots bad for you?

shots are a good thing

How to shoot trick shots in pool?

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of pool and billiard trick shots. Broadly, they can be divided into two categories: artistic shots and skill shots. Artistic shots are all in the setup and require minimal skill in order to make. These shots generally make multiple balls in multiple pockets all in the same shot. These are great to start out with as they only require a bit of knowledge and some patience to learn the setup. Skill shots are those that use typical pool game skills and may take them to extremes. Basic skill shots would be follow shots, draw shots, and bank/kick shots. More extreme skill shots include jump shots and masse shots, where you make the cue ball curve. These shots tend to be easier to learn if you have a mastery of your pool stroke already. Skill shots can also include novelty shots which wouldn't be encountered in a typical pool game. These include speed shots, wing shots (shooting at a moving object ball), juggling shots (shooting a moving cue ball), one-handed shots, opposite handed shots, shots using multiple cues, or combinations thereof. There are many resources in print and online that diagram a number of trick shots. Most use a categorization scale so you know which ones are the easier ones that are better to start off with if you're just learning.