How to become a NFL player?

Updated: 11/21/2022
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i think yu have to go to college

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Q: How to become a NFL player?
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Can you become a NFL player with out going to college?


How do you get into NFL?

to become an NFL player you can either go on the collage football or you can sighn up in public

How long do it take to become a nfl player?

4 years in college

How long do you have to be in college to become a NFL player?

at least four years

How do you become an NFL player if you're from Canada?

go to trianing camp theres lots of canadian NFL players

What college do you need to become a NFL player?

Any college that has a football team

How much will it cost to go to college to be a NFL football player?

this can't be answered. just because a person goes to college does not become a NFL player. most players in college that are NFL worthy get scholarships for college.

Can a player be a free agent in the NFL at age 28?

A player can be a free agent at anytime in the NFL. When a players contract is up and the team he plays for does not sign him, he will become a free agent.

Is it possible for a guy from Britain to become an NFL player?

Yes, there are no regulations regarding nationality as to who may play in the NFL. You could be from any country.

How can you become a professional footballer or soccer player?

To become a professional football player you must enter the NFL (National Football League). To join you would have to talk to the comissioner of the NFL. Then if he accepts you will be in the free agency pool and you would be waiting for a team to sign you.

How you become a massage therapist for the NFL or NBA?

Sleep with a sports agent is usually the best way.. or sleep with the football player/ NBA player

What do you have to do to become an NFL football player?

To become a player in the NFl you need to have some basic skills. You need to have alot of stanima. Speed to cover,rush, catch, run, through. The last skill is smarts knowing what play to call or what to do. you need to be dedicated to the dont want to do it for the money.