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The return of serve can be as big of a weapon as your first serve. Players such as Andre Agassi, who do not have a powerful serve, make up for it with a great return of serve. With a good return of serve you can stun your opponent and control the point.

This technique, like the serve, is not practiced enough by many club players. The only time they practice it is during a match and this is the wrong time to practice any shot.

Agassi's return is based 100 percent on a simple hip turn.

As Agassi has described it, the player should imagine the butt of the handle of your racquet is taped to your stomach so the racquet points at your opponent as you face him. If you just turn your hips, your racquet is prepared to hit the return.

Agassi also recommends a drill to teach a quick hip turn is for you to stand as if you're about to return serve. Then, have somebody shout "forehand" or "backhand," while you react instantly with a hip turn (and without a ball).

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Q: How to Return a Serve Like Agassi?
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