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Matches are won by playing either the best of 3 or the best of 5 sets.
If we use 'best of 3' in singles as our example, the first person to win 2 sets wins the match.
A set is ordinarily played til the first person reaches 6 games with a two game advantage - eg. 6 games to 4, or (say) 6-3, etc. The first 2 sets are usually played as "tie-break" sets ... which means that if the score reaches 6-6 (both have won 6 games), then a 'tie-break' game is played, and the winner of this game will decide the winner of that set. The tie-break is a point-by-point game: the first to reach 7 points with a 2-point advantage wins the game and the set. If the score reaches 7-6 in points in the game, the game continues until one player gains a 2-point advantage.

Each game is played as each player commences with a score that is called, "Love". Point-wise it means that player has scored no points yet.
When a player wins his first point for that game, the score is called as, '15', and the server's score is called first. So, if the server wins the first point of that game, the score called is: 15-Love. The 2nd point won by a player is allocated another 15 points : so his score will be called as 30; as he wins the 3rd point, his score becomes 40. When he wins the 4th point, he is awarded the game.
If the score reaches 40-40, it is referred to as "Deuce", and the game is not won by a player until he gains that 2-point advantage in the game.
Serving alternates each game.

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Each game of a tennis match starts at love-all (0-0). The score is always called by the serving player (or in a major tournament by the chair umpire), and the score of the serving player will always be called first. If the server gets the first point, the score will be fifteen-love (15-0). If their opponent gets the next point, the score will be fifteen-all or fifteen-fifteen (15-15). The next point would be 30 (30-15), and after that the next point would be 40 (40-15). After 40, a game is won if the player is ahead by two points. If the score is 40-40, also called deuce, then a player will not win the game by winning the next point because they will not be ahead by two points. If the score is deuce, then the player who wins the next point will have the advantage (advantage-[player's name], or ad-[player's name]). If the same player wins the next point, then they have gotten ahead by two and their score is over 40, so they win the game. If their opponent wins the next point though, they lose their advantage and the score goes back to deuce.

Simply put:

point 1----15

point 2----30

point 3----40

point 4----game

tie at 40 or above----deuce

ahead by one point after a deuce----advantage

Each tennis match is made up of 3 possible sets (5 for men at majors), and a player's goal is to win two of the three (or three of the five). A set is won when a player wins six games and their opponent has won four or less games. If the opponent is not behind by two games or more, then play will continue. If the game score becomes 5-7, then the player with seven games has won the set, but if it goes to 6-6, a tiebreak will be played to make the score 6-7 (except at some majors where the final set cannot be won by a tiebreak), at which point the person with seven games will win the match.

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A match of tennis is made up of "points", "games", and "sets".

A player must win at least 4 points to win a game. The scoring for a game begins at love (which stands for zero), followed by the scores of 15, 30, and 40. The next point after 40 wins you the game, unless both players are tied at 40-40 (often called deuce). In order to win the game at 40-40, a player has to win two consecutive points; the first point won after deuce is called advantage (for whichever player). If a player wins the first point after deuce but loses the next point the score goes back to deuce.

A player must win 6 games in order to win a set. If the score is tied at 5 games each, the players then go to a tiebreak. A tiebreak is won when a player reaches at least 7 points and wins by at least two points. There are, however, occasions when a player must win by two games, beyond a score of 6-6, to win a set.

In order to win a match, a player must win two sets. In some instances (i.e. some professional men's tournaments) a player has to win three sets.

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(Game or Deuce)

If Deuce, ad-in or ad-out


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Q: How the game is scored in tennis?
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What is 30 all in tennis?

A tie. Both players have scored two points in the current game and have an equal score.

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In which sport might you hear forty love?

You might hear "forty love" in the sport of tennis. It is a term used to indicate the score in a game when one player has scored 40 points and the opponent has not scored any.

In tennis what is the score if the server has scored 2 points and the receiver has scored 3 points?

In a single game, the score would be 30-40 (where the server has 30 and the receiver has 40). This is known as a break point.

What does 40 love mean?

=It means that one of the people in the tennis match has scored 4 points in a row and only has one more point to go. It also means that the other person has not scored yet.=

How do you score high school team tennis matches?

Most high school tennis matches are scored on a 2/3 set basis, with no-ad scoring (that means that at deuce, whoever wins the next point wins the game).

When would you use a lob in tennis?

Love is used for 0 points scored

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