How tall was Shemp Howard?

Updated: 10/25/2022
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Shemp was the tallest Stooge at about 5' 6", or MAYBE 5'7", but don't quote me on it. After watching many of Shemp's solo shorts from the 1930s, he doesn't look as small as he does in the Three Stooges shorts (in fact, to sidetrack a bit, as short as they looked on screen due to most of the supporting actors being 5'9"+ and women's heels of course, they really weren't that short in real life, a 5'4"-5'5" white guy is about equal to a 5'6"-5'7" white guy today). Anyway, 5'5"-5'7" is a safe bet for Shemp.

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Q: How tall was Shemp Howard?
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What is Shemp Howard's birthday?

Shemp Howard was born on March 4, 1895.

What nicknames did Shemp Howard go by?

Shemp Howard went by The Forgotten Stooge.

What color eyes did shemp howard have?

I believe Shemp Howard had blue eyes...

What is the birth name of Shemp Howard?

Shemp Howard's birth name is Horwitz, Samuel.

The 3 stooges names?

Larry Fine , Moe Howard and Shemp Howard . Curly Howard replaced his brother Shemp until he , Curly , suffered a stroke when he , in turn , was replaced by Shemp .

How did shemp howard die?

Shemp died of a massive heart attack on November 22, 1955. Shemp was lighting a cigar after telling a joke when he suddenly slumped over in his friend Al Winston's lap.

How old is Shemp Howard?

Shemp Howard was born on March 4, 1895 and died on November 22, 1955. Shemp Howard would have been 60 years old at the time of death or 120 years old today.

What were the characters' names on the Three Stooges?

The brothers Moe , Shemp and Curly Howard , Larry Fine , Joe Besser , [Joe Palma doubled for Shemp after his death] and Joe DeRita . (Emil Sitka was selected to replace Larry who had a stroke but this did not come about.)

Who are the original Stooges?

The original members of the comedy team "The Three Stooges" were Moe Howard , Shemp Howard and Larry Fine .

What actors and actresses appeared in Where the Pest Begins - 1945?

The cast of Where the Pest Begins - 1945 includes: Shemp Howard as Shemp Howard Tom Kennedy as Jonathan Batts Christine McIntyre as Annie Batts Rebel Randall as Mrs. Howard Harry Tenbrook as Removal Man

What's the names of all the stooges?

Moe (Moe Howard, Moses Horwitz) Larry (Larry Fine, Louis Fienberg) Curly (Curly Howard, Jerome Horwitz) Shemp (Shemp Howard, Samuel Horwitz) Joe (Joe Besser) Curly Joe (Joe DiRita)

Which three stooges member got kicked out of the army for wetting the bed?

Shemp Howard