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Dwayne Wade stated that he was 5'8 when he turned 17 and had a growth spurt to 6'2 straight after.

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Q: How tall was Dwyane Wade at 17 years of age?
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Dwyane wade currently is 30 years (2012) Born on January 17 1982

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How tall was Dwayne wade at age 14?


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he doesn't, he used to at the age of 22, but since he is christian, he stopped smoking at the age of 24, just before he won the mvp award in 2006. He smoked only for one year then stopped

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Dwyane Wade spent the 1st eight years of his live with his mother, step father, and three sisters, Tragil, Deana and Keisha. At age eight he moved into his father's home in the Chicago suburb of Oak Lawn, Illinois. (read the full bio at the klink below) The life of Wade as a child was not at all easy , he came from a family of many children, and a poor home . So it was tough for him.

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