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It should be the height of your waist, give or take an inch or two. Depending on how confortable you feel.

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Q: How tall should your field hockey stick be?
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What is the length of an ice hockey stick?

It depends on how tall the player is. A hockey stick should be up to about the players nose when they are off ice. Did this help? laneylou16

How big is an ice hockey stick?

how ever tall you are it should come to your nose when your in hockey skates that means it is the right height for you

How tall should your hockey stick be?

Offensive: To your chin on skates Defensive: To your nose on skates

How long is a hockey stick?

Stick length varies based on how tall you are. A stick should come to about your hip. The most common lengths are 35 inches through 37 inches.

If i am 61 how tall of a hockey stick should i have?

A hockey stick should be measured and chosen when you have your skates on, or unless you have good judgment because a hockey stick should be no lower than your nose level( with your skates on). And its how ever you feel comfortable with your stick your the one who's gonna play with it. Its good to have the stick a little bit long so you have a nice long reach for the puck while not getting to close to the player with the puck -but- then again not too long.(:

I want to represent team gb but i am not sure what sport to do i am good at netball and hockey quite fast and tall with strong legs?

I may be ten but the sound of what you look like i think you would be good in Hockey. You should stick with it for a while.

What is the average size of a college field hockey player?

170cm tall and around 70kg.

How big should a hockey stick be?

Field HockeyMost adult players use a 36.5 inch (93 cm) hockey stick but this all depends on the height of the player and the player's personal preference. The general rule is the stick, with the hook on the ground and the stick parallel to your body, should come up to the level of your navel, and you should feel comfortable using it (not too short/long/heavy). Junior players use shorter sticks (down to 28 in/71cm), while taller adult players over 5ft 11in/180cm use a 37.5 inch (95cm) stick or even a 38.5in (98cm) stick.The stick must also be able to fit through a ring 51mm (2in) in diameter, and when placed on the ground flat side down, the bow in the stick must be 25mm (1in) or less.Ice HockeyIt can be whatever size you want it to be. However, it is recommended that the stick be about as tall as your nose without skates.

How tall is a junior Bauer vapor forty hockey stick?

The shaft length for the junior Bauer Vapor XXXX hockey stick is 52 inches. Add another 5 to 6 inches for the blade (depending on the pattern) and the total height is about 57 to 58 inches. The dimensions for the junior Bauer Vapor X:40 hockey stick are the same.

What is the size of zedano charas hockey stick?

Its A huge 8 feet tall and weighs 32 lbs. Its a huge stick for a huge guy you would never be able to pick it up cause ur not 7 feet tall.

College hockey stick length?

There is no regular length because you have to get to stick to fit you lets say your 5 feet tall you would probaby want a 4 and a half foot stick, so there is no default length .

Does height matter to be a goalie in hockey?

Not really. For indoor field hockey, the goals aren't that tall (About 4 1/2-5 feet) Outdoor field hockey goals are about 6 1/2-7 feet For those extremely high shots, you would like to be as tall as possible. But you can be short and have a big "spring in your jump"

You are 5 feet 2 inches tall what size hockey stick would be best?

Go here, it will explain it.

How tall is a 77 flex senior hockey stick?

That's a little like asking "how tall is a blue house"? Since most Intermediate sticks stop at a flex of 67 (Bauer) one could assume a stick with a flex of 77 is a Senior stick. Most Senior sticks are 60 inches long.

How long should a hockey stick be?

If you have to ask, then it is best to visit a specialist shop and talk to them while buying. Otherwise, these are rough guides: You should get a stick that comes up to between your waist and your bellybutton - this will vary depending on how tall you are and how long your legs are. If you can't get the right size, it is better to have a slightly shorter stick than you need, rather than a longer one; longer sticks make you learn how to play incorrectly. Most advice is that the cut stick should reach your chin or nose, while wearing skates.

What is the width of a hockey net?

A hockey net is 4ft tall by 6ft wide

How tall is Joe Hockey?

Joe Hockey is 5' 11 1/2".

How tall is The Stick?

The Stick is 6' 3".

A name of a hockey stick?

A hockey stick is just called a hockey stick but there are many different company that make them. Some of the top producers are these- Reebok, Easton, Mission, Sher Wood. The company then names there different types Ex.- Reebok O stick or Easton Synergy or Mission Toxic. There are thousands of different sticks. There are sticks that are for left handed people and ones for right handed people. You don't neccesarally have to be left handed to use a left handed stick. Just like baseball. Some hockey sticks are wood and others are fiberglass. Some are small (juniors) others are bigger (seniors). Thery can be cut if they are too tall to. Some sticks cost as little as $10.00 and other are close to or over $200.00. It all depends.

How tall is Sally Field?

Sally Field is 5' 2.5" tall.

How tall is a hockey net?

6foot by 4foot

How tall is the stick bug?

5 inches tall

What Is The Diameter Of A Hockey Net?

An Ice Hockey net is 4 feet tall by 6 feet wide

How tall is the average hockey player?

around 5'9"

How tall is a hockey goal?

around 1.8 by 1.2m