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Q: How tall is Suzie Ketcham of basketball wives?
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How tall is Tami Roman from Basketball Wives?

Tami Roman from Basketball Wives is 5'9" tall.

How tall is Kevin Ketcham?

Kevin Ketcham is 6'.

How tall is Adam Ketcham?

Adam Ketcham is 6' 5".

How tall is Bambi with Basketball wives La?


How tall is Tammy Anderson from the basketball wives?


How tall is shaunie from basketball wives?

Shaunie O'neal is 5'11

How tall is Gloria of basketball wives?

shes like 5feet8

How tall was Hank Ketcham?

He was 5'8''.

How tall is evelyn lozada from basketball wives?

Im guessing 5'7

How tall is Suzie Coker?

Suzie Coker is 5' 5".

How tall is Suzie Bracken?

Suzie Bracken is 5' 6".

How tall is Suzie Pollard?

Suzie Pollard is 5' 5".