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Q: How tall is Dwight Howard on the lakers?
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Did Dwight Howard go to the lakers?


Is Dwight howard going to lakers?

No, he's not. He doesn't want to and the Lakers don't have any pieces to acquire him. The answer above it crap. Here are 4 reasons why the lakers could get dwight howard: 1: The Lakers have the best player to trade with andrew bynum 2: The Magic wouln't be that pickey and they can not wait. 3: Dwight Howard is willing to sigh a contract with the lakers and will not sign one with that many other teams. 4: The Lakers get what the Lakers want.

What team is Dwight Howard going to be on?

Well there are lots of possibility's of what team he is going to go to. You have the Lakers, Rockets, Nets , Mavericks, or maybe the Bulls but he is probably going to go to the Lakers because you have Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Ron Artest, and Pau Gasol. But if he goes to any of the other teams then he won't have any help just like on the Magic he had no help their and the Lakers just got Steve Nash who leads the league in assists and you have Kobe Bryant who will make all the shots from far away Ron Artest who is awesome at defense and Pau Gasol who will give Dwight Howard some help.

Why do people think Dwight Howard is going to the Lakers?

Because his contract will be up and he could fit in with the lakers both financially and on the court

Does Dwight Howard want to become a laker?

He will probably either go on the Lakers or the Chicago Bulls.

Is Dwight Howard tall?

Diwght Howard is exactly 6"11!! ( that's really tall )

Does Dwight Howard transferred in Los Angeles Lakers?

He has a choice this year to go to the Knicks or Lakers or he can stay. Right now he wants to stay but he can go to another team.

How tall is Dwight howards father?

6'7, hoo hoo. Dwight Howard [Edit categories] first.

How tall is Dwight Howard wife?

2'9, so rather small

How tall was Dwight Howard when he was 12?

5 foot 8 and a half

How tall was Dwight Howard at 15?

6-7 or 6-8

How tall was Dwight Howard at 12?

Anywhere in the 6'0"-6'1" range.