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Carmelo Anthony's father's height is not mentioned anywhere.

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Q: How tall is Carmelo Anthony's Father?
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Who is carmelo anthonys wife?

Lala Vasquez

Where is carmelo anthonys dad from?

puerto Rico

What is carmelo anthonys gamertag on xbox live?

M a y i3 e

How tall is Carmelo Marrero?

Carmelo Marrero is 6'.

How tall is Carmelo Casalenuovo?

Carmelo Casalenuovo is 5' 11".

How tall is Carmelo Oquendo?

Carmelo Oquendo is 6' 6".

How old was Carmelo Anthony when his father died?

His father died of cancer when Carmelo was two years old

What is Carmelo Anthonys mail address?

His fan mail adddres is: Carmelo Anthony c/o BDA Sports Management 822 Ashley Lane Suite A Walnut Creek, CA 94597 USA

What age did Susan B Anthonys her father die?

year 2000

How tall is Carmelo Anthony?

Carmelo Anthony is 6'8" he is 6 8' he may be taller

How tall was Carmelo Anthony at the age of 13?

At the age of 13, Carmelo Anthony was 5'10".

Is Carmelo Anthony tall?

Carmelo Anthony is 6'8" he is 6 8' he may be taller

Did Carmelo Anthony have cancer?

No, NeNe is the one who was diagnosed with cancer. And Carmelo Anthony's father (also named Carmelo Anthony) died of cancer when carmelo was two years old.

Is Carmelo Anthony a Father?

Yes, he has a son Kiyan.

Where was carmelo anthony's father born?

Puerto Rico

How tall was carmelo Anthony at 14?


If Anthony's father is Kevin then Kevin is the of Anthonys Father?

A lady in a coffin, A coffin in the grave, a baby in the lady, what is the babyโ€™s name?

Is carmelo Anthony hispanic?

Yes his father is a Puerto Rican

What famous person is buried at San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo?

Father Serra, Father Crespi, and Father Lasuen

How tall was carmelo Anthony at 16?

6 foot 4 inches

How tall was carmelo Anthony at age 12?

5 foot 7

Who founded the Mission San Carlos Borromoe de Carmelo?

Father Serra

Is carmelo Anthony half Puerto Rican?

yes, his father was born in Puerto Rico.

Where is Carmelo Anthony's parents from?

His mother is African-American and his late father was Puerto-Rican.

Who build mission San Carlos Borromeo De Carmelo?

Father Junipero Serra