How tall is Ahmad Bradshaw?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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NFL player Ahmad Bradshaw is 5'-10''.

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Q: How tall is Ahmad Bradshaw?
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What NFL team does Ahmad Bradshaw play for?

Ahmad Bradshaw plays for the Indianapolis Colts.

What position does Ahmad Bradshaw play?

Ahmad Bradshaw plays Running Back for the Indianapolis Colts.

What is Ahmad Bradshaw's number on the Indianapolis Colts?

Ahmad Bradshaw is number 44 on the Indianapolis Colts.

What college did NFL player Ahmad Bradshaw play for?

NFL player Ahmad Bradshaw played for Marshall.

How old is Ahmad Bradshaw?

As of the end of the 2013-2014 NFL season Ahmad Bradshaw is 28 years old.

How much does NFL player Ahmad Bradshaw weigh?

NFL player Ahmad Bradshaw weighs 214 pounds.

Where does Ahmad Bradshaw live?

Bluefield VA

How many yards did Ahmad Bradshaw have in the 2012 Super Bowl?

In Super Bowl XLVI, Ahmad Bradshaw rushed for 72 yards. He also had 19 receiving yards.

Is ahmad Bradshaw a Muslim?

yes he is in fact he is African i think

What player of the giants sat down for a touchdown?

RB Ahmad Bradshaw

Should you trade ahmad Bradshaw for Ryan mathews?

iF I were you, i wouldnt. bradshaw is good and so is matthews but bradsahw i think is better

Is Terry Bradshaw tall?

Terry Bradshaw is 6' 3" tall.