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There is no height limit. You can be any height and be able to play professionally.

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Q: How tall do you have to be to play professinal basketball?
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Many tall people play basketball well?

Yes, tall people can play basketball well.

How tall do you have to be to play proffesional basketball?

There is no Certain height to play professional basketball. If you have the skill and heart to play the game then you can do it.

What sport do the tall blacks play?


Who play for Canada professinal?

Anyone, including non-Canadians.

What is a sport for tall African-Americans?

African Americans can play any sport they please. They can play basketball, football, golf, tennis, etc. There is no specific sport, but because they are tall, basketball would be a good choice.

How tall does a room need to be to play full court basketball?

30 feet

Yao ming best known?

He was great in China and was really tall, so he caught the NBA's attention.

What is Michael Jordan's favorite hobby?

to play Basketball

Why does playing basketball increase your height?

Well if you are trying to say why is every basketball player tall that is not true at all. One player who is short for height is Allen Iverson (5'10 without shoes) and there have been shorter.

Can i grow my hide by playing basketball?

yes, u can grow your height by playing basketball. mostly, u must have seen people who play basketball are tall and fit. this is because basketball includes jumps.

What are the 3 skills you need to play basketball?

the person should be tall and skillful should be fit should be good at runing

How tall is Jerome Tyson what team does he play on that team does he play on?

I believe you mean Jerome Dyson* and he plays on UCONN basketball and is 6'4"