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NO HEIGHT REQUIREMENT. when I was on the gymnastics I was successful and I am 5'4" but I had a girl who was almost 6' on my team and she was great; however, in general, gymnasts tend to be on the short side.

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โˆ™ 2009-09-26 20:45:41
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Q: How tall do you have to be for gymnastics?
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Are you too tall for gymnastics?

Anyone can do gymnastics, no matter how tall or short they may be. There is no height limit.

Does gymnastics make you shorter if your tall?


How old is too old to start gymnastics and how tall is too tall for gymnastics?

There is no height limit for gymnastics. And I am not sure about the age. I am 14 and I do gymnastics and I think that like 16-19 is too old. But there is no age limit

Can tall people do gymnastics?

yes but its harder

How tall are the bars in level 4 gymnastics?

as tall as your chin most of the time

How tall is the olympic gymnastics balance beam?

124 centimeters.

How tall do you have to be to do gymnastics?

Any age any height but when you are a Adult you can't do it

How tall is the gymnastics trophy?

It depends on what kind of trophie you win. Big or small.

How tall is the member from US's gymnastics team Kayla ross?

According to Wikipedia, she is 5 feet, 1 inch tall.

How tall do you have to be to do all the gymnastics things?

There is really no height requirement because they adjust things to you

Will being tall make gymnastics hard for you?

Most say that being taller can affect your skills with gymnastics. This is only half true. Most men are taller than women, and they compete in the Olympics. Every body is different, and each (being tall and small) has its advantages. If you want to try competitive gymnastics, sometimes being tall will make it tough. Sometimes you may be moved up a division due to your height. If you are doing recreational gymnastics, it will not affect you much at all.

Is there a height limit for the girls Olympic gymnastics?

No, but gymnastics is easier if you're shorter so short gymnasts tend to do better, so they're more common then tall gymnasts.

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