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Some 60 feet high.

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Q: How tall are the 33 degree banked curves at Talladega Superspeedway from base to rim?
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What do you mean by banking of roads?

Curves are designed with a bank in them. In other words the curves are not flat. They have a certain degree of angle designed into the road. 2-5 degrees is not uncommon. This allows you to traverse that curve at a higher rate of speed than if it were flat.

What is a 30 degree levoscoliotic curvature of the lumbar spine centered at the L2-3 level?

It's a type of scoliosis where the spine curves to the left. Usually non-threatning.

Does the degree of a curve effect acceleration?

Yes, the degree of a curve can affect acceleration. In a curve with a higher degree, the change in direction is sharper, which can lead to higher acceleration as the vehicle needs to adjust its speed to navigate the curve effectively. In contrast, curves with lower degrees may require less acceleration due to their more gradual changes in direction.

What is the relationship between lorenz curve and the gini coefficient?

Relationship between Lorenz curve and Gini coefficient is the more the Lorenz line curves away from the line of equality, the greater the degree of inequality represented.

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All orbits are geodesic curves. Comets tend to have elliptical orbits ... as do planets, really; the degree of eccentricity (this is a measure of how "stretched" the ellipse is) just tends to be higher for comets.

When the degree of curve of a spine with scoliosis is 40 degrees or more what is indicated?

Curves of 40 degrees or more are highly likely to worsen, even in an adult, because the spine is so badly imbalanced that the force of gravity will increase the curvature.

Does the equation y equals 3-4x represent a linear function?


What is a Lateral tilt of the spine is called?

A lateral tilt of the spine is also known as scoliosis. It is a condition in which the spine curves sideways, leading to an S-shaped or C-shaped curve. Scoliosis can vary in severity and may require treatment depending on the degree of curvature.

What is an embedding degree?

In the context of Algebraic Geometry and Cryptography, the embedding degree is a value associated with an algebraic curve, more precisely with a cyclic subgroup of the abelian group associated with the curve.Given an elliptic curve (or an hyperelliptic curve), we can consider its associated abelian group - in the case of an elliptic curve corresponds to the set of points - and a cyclic subgroup G, typically its largest.Using pairings (more notably, the Tate pairing or Weil pairing), we can map G to a subgroup of a finite field.More precisely, if the curve was defined over a finite field of size q, G is mapped to a subgroup of a finite field of size qk for some integer k. The smallest such integer k is called the embedding degree.Moreover, if G has size n it satisfies n | qk - 1 (n divides qk - 1).In Cryptography, the embedding degree most notably appears in security constraints for Elliptic Curve Cryptography and in the more recent area of Pairing Based Cryptography. Pairings allow us to "map" problems over elliptic curves to problems over finite fields and vice-versa with the security and efficiency issues of each side.For example, given the known attacks for the Discrete Logarithm Problem over elliptic curves and over finite fields, in Elliptic Curve Cryptography curves with a very small embedding degree (lower than 6, say) are usually avoided. On the other hand, because in Pairing Based Cryptography operations are often done on both groups, curves with too high embedding degrees are avoided.

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