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only a couple fat guys

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Q: How stress can affect performance in a netball match?
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How longs a netbal match?

A netball match is 40 minutes

How Does the height of shooters affect the percentage of goals scored in a netball match?

How there jump or how they throw the ball

How does attitude affect sport performance?

Attitude can greatly affect your performance in sport. If you go into a game or match already believing that you will lose, you are more likely to lose.If you go into a game or match with the belief that you can win, you are more likely to win.

What are the officials of netball?

Usually the umpires of a match.

What C starts a netball match?

the Centre.

What are the duties of The Timekeeper in a netball match?

to keep time muhahahaha!

What is the right size for a match netball ball?

size 5

How does practicing skills help us?

because when you do a match you netball skills will be improved so your team might win. Also practicing skills will improve your netball for example if you never learned where to stand at the start of a netball match you would never know where to stand! I no practicing skills is very boring but you have to do it to play matches. other wise you would never win a match as well.

How much is one goal in netball?

in a netball match the usual score is something around 8-5. or along those lines. a match is split into quaters and in each quarter a team will normally score around 3 goals. ENJOY YOUR NETBALL! x

How many players must be present at a venue for a netball match to start?

12 people i think

What is a cap in netball?

This means; the amount of times the player has taken the court (played netball) in an international match for their country.

An event where your body would mainly use its aerobic energy is?

it is either a marathon a rugby match a 100 meter sprint a netball match or a resistance training work out