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Decision: 3 team points (win by <8 points)

Major Decision: 4 team points (win by 8-14 points)

Technical Fall: 5 team points (win by <14 points)

Pin: 6 team points

Takedown, 2 points: T2

Escape, 1 point: E1

Reversal, 2 points: R2

Nearfall, 2 points: NF2

Nearfall, 3 points: NF3

Caution: C

Penalty: C (can get points)

Warning: W

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it depeneds on the Wrestling style. most highschools in-season wrestling is folkstyle.

for folkstyle scoring

-takedowns - 2pts

-reverse - 2pts

-near fall 3 seconds - 2pts

-near fall 5 seconds - 3 pts

-near fall and oppnent is hurting and asks to get up - 4pts

* an example would be if he says he can not breathe or a move is hurting him to an unbearable point

- escape - 1pt

if it is a dual between two schools

win- 3pts for team (win by less than 7 point)

major win - 4 pts for team (win by more than 7 points)

technical win - 5pts for team (any point during match when one person has 15+ points over oppnent)

pin - 6pts

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Stats could be season takedowns,escapes,pins,technical falls and much more.

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As a coach or high school wrestler.

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Q: How specifically do you take wrestling stats for high school wrestling meets if you are a manager?
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