How snow skis work?

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by gravity

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Q: How snow skis work?
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How does skiing work?

skis work because the way the hot dried wax maks the snow slick for the skis. The skis hot wax does not rub off because your speed.

How does frition work with skiing?

Skis work by melting the snow under them so they go faster.

How does ski wax affect the speed of skis?

Wax to make it simple is slippery, this when placed on the skis reduces the friction between the snow and the skis, (yes there is some friction between skis and snow). The less friction, the faster your skis can glide across the snow, and the faster you go.

How do you make skis on alchemy classic?

Snow + Ancient Footware = Skis

How does using snow skis or snow shoes enable a person to ski or walk on soft snow?

Skis and snowshoes spread a person's weight out so that they do not sink.

In skiing do you need twin tip skis to do a 180?

No you don't. However - when you make the turn make sure that your weight is balanced on the front of the skis, so that the back end of the skis do not dig into the ground. This is only effective if you are on hard packed snow, and might not work if it is soft and powdery snow.

Who invented snow skis?

Dave olcone

Why are skis better than wheels for travelling in snow?

Weight is distributed over a larger area, so the skis tend not to sink into the snow as much as wheels would. If and when the skis do 'sink' (into powder, for example) their design makes it easier to guide them toward the surface of the snow. Also, the longer the skis, the faster you can travel on them.

How are snow boards different then ski?

snowboards are differnet from skis because skis have 2 skis and a snowboard only has one thing that you stand on.

Are wide skis faster?

No but they are better for powder snow

How are heavy people able to walk on snow without sinking in?

They use snowshoes to spread out their weight. Skis will also work.

What do you ski on?

You can snow ski or water ski, but you are always ON the same thing- skis!

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