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you wash it on delicates in your washer under cold water then line dry it

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Q: How should you wash your jockstrap?
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How often should you wash a Jockstrap?

every game or practice

Should You wear a Jockstrap for Horseback Riding?

A jockstrap would help support your genitals, and keep them from bouncing or twisting.

Who should wear a jockstrap?

men and women

Should men wear a jockstrap?


How old should you be to wear a jockstrap?


Do you have to wear and jockstrap and have a cup inside of it?

you don't have to but you should

Should you wear a jockstrap playing soccer?


What type of underwear should you wear over a jockstrap?


Where should youpoint in a jockstrap?

well the penis should be on either side that is comfortable for u

Where can you buy a jockstrap in Dublin?

why do u need a jockstrap

Who invented the jockstrap?

Charles Bennett invented the jockstrap in 1874.

Is it gay to wear a jockstrap?

No, it is not. A jockstrap is a protective device for the genitals.

How should a jockstrap fit?

A jockstrap should fit pretty tightly, in order to support you or hold the cup in place. Nothing should slip or move around. It shouldn't cut in to your body though, and everything needs to be able to fit inside the pouch.

Should you wear a jockstrap for skiing?

never thought of that , it must be comfortable . try it

When should you start wearing a jockstrap?

A boy should wear a jockstrap to hold a cup in place, for sports with that kind of contact, regardless of age. Boys should also start wearing a regular jockstrap for support at the latest once puberty starts, as this is when the risk is greatest for testicular torsion. Youth sizes are available with smaller pouches for boys who have not fully grown and developed yet.

What kind of jockstrap should preteens wear for basketball?

Someone playing basketball would just need a regular jockstrap, with a pouch for support. There are youth sizes available for preteens.

If you have jock itch do you need to throw away the jock straps you wore before getting it to avoid more infection. And what about underwear...should you throw your Jockey briefs away as well?

wash the jockstrap in hot water and bleach. that should kill anything!

How do you put on a enhancing jockstrap?

Put on a jockstrap how you would put on pants.

What sports do you wear a jockstrap?

You should wear a jockstrap with a cup for contact sports such as football, baseball, hockey, etc. But it's important to wear a jockstrap for support for anything involving running, jumping, or twisting - even without direct hits - track, basketball, soccer, etc.

Should you wear a jockstrap in high school gym class?

yea everyone does that. its cool

Should a boy wear a jockstrap in soccer?

It's definitely a good idea to wear a jockstrap, for any sport with a lot of running like that, to keep your genitals in place and prevent testicular torsion.

Should you wear your jockstrap in the locker room?

in sports it doesnt matter in like gym class it does , you could get made fun of . so play it safe and put a pear of boxers on ontop of the jockstrap

Should you wear a jockstrap under compression shorts?

Depending how they fit, you might want to. Sometimes the legs are tight, but they don't really support your genitals - a jockstrap is designed to keep them in place better.

At what age should you wear a jockstrap?

If there's a chance of getting hit in the testicles, boys should wear a jockstrap and cup, regardless of age. Boys should also wear one for support when running or working out, especially once puberty starts and they start developing more.

Sister caught wearing brothers jockstrap what should you do?

Nothing at all--it's not a big deal.