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Covering the court during a doubles match is very different from covering the court during a singles match. First, you have more tennis court to cover. Secondly, you have to figure out how to move around and cover the court with your doubles partner. The key is to move around the court together as a team. Maybe you play the ad (backhand) side. Your partner is pulled out wide for a forehand. You need to side shuffle along with them in their direciton because the center of the court needs to be covered. Your partner will probably hit a defensive shot. You will have to step in and recover your opponent

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Q: How should you cover the court in a tennis doubles match?
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In doubles you have more tennis court to cover, including the alleys. At the same time you also have a partner. Make sure you move as a team. Let's say that you're ready at the baseline and your opposing team has one player at the net and one player at the baseline then hit your return to the player at the baseline. This is the high percentage shot that has a great chance of going in. If you hit a high shot anywhere near the person at the net they will attack it with an offensive volley. Mix things up a bit and hit shots during a point that sometimes go directly at the net player. You can sail a lob over their head, or hit a strong winner down the alley, or hit an intense angle. This is the lower percentage shot, but it is good to put it in the game to keep your opponents on their toes.

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Mostly, your instinct will tell you. But fundamentally, when your playing partner has drifted across mainly to your side (usually a result of assuming a net position and making volleys), it is time to move more to the other side in order to cover any shots the opposing pair might make into your 'open' court.

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Tennis can be played as singles or doubles meaning it can be you and an opponent or you, a partner and an opponent and their partner. In doubles, one player stands at the end of the court, the partner near the net in the box next to you. The player at the baseline serves and has two tries,serving into the box diaganol from them. If in, the point is played out. In doubles, as long as the ball is hit by the first bounce and stays inside the court, it's in and counts as a point. The first to 50 wins but the scoring goes love (meaning 0) 15, 30, 40, then game (50). If both opponents have 40, it is called deuce and one person must win by two points in a row. If you get a point it's ad-in if you're serving or ad-out if you're not. If you win the next point you win the game. If you lose the point, it goes back to deuce. When serving, you switch sides after every point, one serve is at the left side at the court, the next to the right, but ALWAYS start on the right. Your partner merely switches sides (boxes) at the net. If the opponent is serving, then you choose which side of the court you want and one stays at the end, the other at the net. You just walk from the net to the baseline on your side after every point. After each game, the side that is serving switches. In singles, you stand at the baseline, the opponent diagonal at the other end. The same rules apply, however the ball cannot enter the lines on either side of the court or else it is out and you must cover the entire court by yourself, but start out on the baseline diagonal from your partner. Have fun!

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