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Q: How should be maximum size of world cup ground?
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What is area of football ground?

It dependa on the size of the field... There is a maximum and a minimum for lenght and width.

What should be maximum size of the rock in an opencast mine?

It should not be more than 10% of the bucket size of the excavator.

What size do miniature Australian shepherds need there crate to be?

From the size of the dog they should be in a medium crate maximum.

Is the maximum size of a cell determined by the ratio between the cell's cytoplasm and nucleus?

should be should be

When should a weimaraner reach its maximum size?

One and a half to two years.

What ground size wire should be used on the ufer ground to 200amp service panel?

A bare #3 copper conductor is the minimum size wire to be used.

What is the maximum rim an tire size for a 07 Honda accord?

The correct size is listed in your owner's manual and on the driver's door post. That is what size you should install.

What is the maximum and minimum size of a UDP datagram?

maximum size is 512 bytes without header

What size should under ground conduit be from pole to meter base?

For new 200 amp services the conduit size should be 3 inch PVC.

How big were megalodon maximum size?

The maximum size of the Megalodon was believed to be fifty-nine feet in length.

What is the maximum partition size in DOS?

Since DOS is a FAT16 OS, its maximum partition size is 2GB.

What is the maximum font size you can apply for any character?

There is no maximum

What part of 'guess the size of the world's largest pentagon' should be capitalized.?

guess the size of the world's largest pentagon

What is the maximum size of int what happes when we cross that limit?

The maximum size of INT is 1. If you go over then it will be an error.

What is the Maximum NTFS volume size?

Maximum NTFS volume size is 2 32 clusters. However, even if there were hardware available to supply a logical volume of that capacity, there are other limitations to the maximum size of a volume.

What is the maximum size of a golf ball?

There is no maximum size provided it conforms to all other standards. The minimum size is not less than 1.680 inches diamiater

What is the maximum breast size?

The maximum size depends on a women's personal choice of enhancement. The largest breast size ever documented is 108ZZZ, the smallest being a A.

What is the maximum file size permitted by MS publisher 2007?

what is the maximum size of a file im ms publisher 2007

What is the maximum data download on email?

The maximum data download for an email varies depending on the way the email is sent. If it is sent by SMTP the maximum size is 25MB and if it is sent by Outlook Web Access the maximum size is 10MB.

Give one reason you should make the paging file maximum size the same as the paging file initial size?

In order to prevent page file fragmentation.

What maximum size of CNG cylinder can be made at site for CNG storage?

i don't think there is a maximum size. whatever is the most practical

What is the maximum size of drill bit?

There is no theoretical maximum, it is dependent on power to rotate it

What is maximum memory for n82?

The maximum size of the microSD card on the N82 is 8GB.

What is the maximum size of windows 9x?

It hardly takes a maximum of 1 GB.

What is the maximum wait that a trailer can run?

The Maximum Weight varies with the size of the trailer. The Maximum Wait is a different matter.