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safe until u shooot someone

Shooting sports are very safe, espcially compared to many other sports. There have been a few injuries over the years, but not very many.

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Q: How safe are the shooting sports?
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Why is the nssf against gun control?

That is the National Shooting Sports Foundation. They promote shooting sports. Gun control attempts to prevent ownership of guns used in shooting sports. No gun= no shooting sports.

When was Shooting Action Sports created?

Shooting Action Sports was created in 2008.

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Target shooting & darts.

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What are the applications of rectilinear motion in sports?

in shooting

Are there any other safe websites for shooting games?

Type safe online shooting games or google then it should tell you some

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How do you get sponsored in shooting sports?

No!! You dont you idiot who asked

What is gun sharp shooting?

Generally speaking, it means shooting very accurately. "Sharpshooter" is also a rank in some shooting sports.

What two sports were excluded from the Olympics and why?

sword fighting and gun shooting sword fighting and gun shooting

Who said 'Sports is a war without shooting'?

George Orwell

A popular sports in Vietnam?

Chess, kung fu, and shooting.

What two sports are there in the biathlon?

shooting & cross-country skiing

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What is shooting sports?

Shooting sports are competitions where competitors shoot guns for score. There are lots of different types of shooting sports. IPSC, IDPA, PPC, Bullseye, Silhouette, GSSF, Long Range Rifle, CAS, and various others. Each organization's competition has it's own rules and the objectives.

Which two sports are in theOlympic biathlon?

x-c skiing and shooting

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Golf, Tennis,archery,shooting

What are the popular sports in Honduras?

mole shooting because im a moleoligists

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What are the seven selected sports in glassgow?

The seven sports are Diving, Shooting, Wrestling, Judo, Cycling, Triathlon and Table Tennis.

What are the seven selected sports in Glasgow?

The seven selected sports for the Glasgow Commonwealth Games were Table Tennis, Triathlon, Cycling, Judo, Wrestling, Shooting and Diving.The seven selected sports were Table Tennis, Triathlon, Cycling, Judo, Wrestling, Shooting and Diving.