How popular is soccer in Canada?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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Sadly, not nearly as popular as in your typical soccer-mad European and South American countries. In terms of team sports, Canadians play virtually everything, but hockey is KING. Therefore, our best athletes may play soccer at some point during their developmental years, but when it comes time to focus on one sport - that sport is usually hockey. (NBA superstar Steve Nash being the notable exception.) The end result is that our premier athletes mostly play hockey (Gretzky, Lemieux, Crosby, etc, etc) or other sports (Nash as noted, MLB's Morneau, Bay & Dempster, etc). I often wonder what it would be like if Canada was a soccer country and guys like Gretzky and Nash - who was a high school soccer star - focused on soccer rather than other sports.

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Q: How popular is soccer in Canada?
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What outdoor sports are popular in canada?

biking, soccer, football

Is soccer popular in Canada?

No, its as popular as it is in the States. Hockey is by far the most popular sport in Canada, followed by Football, NFL and CFL. So NO, not really.

Which country is Hockey more popular?

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What is soccer called in Canada?

Soccer is called soccer in Canada as well.

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Depends of the province, soccer is more popular on the East Coast on the provinces of Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador. In all the rest football is more popular.

What are the three most popular sports played in Canada?

1. Hockey 2. Football3. Basket BallBut Soccer is getting more popular by the time and I think it takes place in one of the sports played in Canada.

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Soccer at the Canada Games was created in 1967.

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What is Popsicle soccer day in Canada?

Popsicle is the company sponsoring Soccer Day in Canada on CBC and has also sponsored U10 teams across Canada this soccer season.

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