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Yes paintball is very big in Orange County. Orange County was one of thr "founding fathers" of paintball. They are also home to the popular pro team the "OC Bushwackers"

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Q: How popular is paintball in orange county?
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Is there a paintball field in OrangeCalifornia?

Yes, check google maps and search "paintball fields in Orange County, CA" and you will get 419 results.

What is the most popular county name in the US?

Orange County

Where is Orange County located?

Orange County is located in California. Orange Country is best known for tourism. There are many popular attractions in the county, including Knott's Berry Farm.

Are paintball guns legal in clark county Nevada?

yes I've been to an paintball field in clark county

What are some popular paintball discounters in the US?

Popular paintball stores in the US offering discounted paintball equipment include Paintball Discounters, Paintball Online, Discount Paintball, and Zephyr Paintball. Inexpensive paintball equipment can be found secondhand on websites such as Amazon and eBay.

Why is Orange County California called Orange county?

Orange County was named after its most famous crop.

Where is the biggest indoor Paintball facility in Delaware?

Paintball Action Games Paintball Field3124 Old County RoadNewark, Delaware 19702USA

What state is 'orange county' in?

Orange County is in the state of California.

Where is orange county choppers located?

They are located in Orange County

Is Disneyland in Orange County?

Yes, Disneyland is in Orange County.

What is the population of Orange County?

That depends entirely on which Orange County you are requesting information about. There are eight Orange Counties in various states across the US. According to, the 2007 estimated total population of each of these Orange Counties and which state they are located in are listed alphabetically as follows: # Orange County, California: 2,997,033 # Orange County, Florida: 1,066,113 # Orange County, Indiana: 19,607 # Orange County, New York: 377,169 # Orange County, North Carolina: 124,313 # Orange County, Texas: 82,669 # Orange County, Vermont: 29,002 # Orange County, Virginia: 32,492

What is the best paintball field in st johns county?

M.I. Paintball located at 2495 State Road 207 in St. Augustine, FL is the best and only legitimate paintball field in St. Johns County

What is the hottest temperature ever recorded in Orange County California?

Orange County, California is popular for many different reasons. As with the rest of the state it can also become a very hot place. The hottest temperature in the county ever was 102.

Do paintball guns need an orange tip?

Not in the US at least

What is California popular shopping centers?

Some popular California shopping centers are Galleria in Redondo Beach and Orange County Malls.

Why Calfornia is called Orange Country?

You are miataken. California is never referred to as Orange County. Orange County is a single county in California near Los Angelas. Orange County was named for the extensive orange orchards the pretty well covered the county.

What is the region of Orange County?

The region of Orange County is the Coast Region.

How has paintball changed Japan?

Paintball has not significantly affected or is even known to be popular in Japan.

Where can i find wholesale bakery supplies in orange county ca?

Does not exist in Orange County. That business is non-existence in Orange County

Is orange county a county?

Orange County is in fact a county located in California. It is right next to Los Angeles County (which has La in it).

What county is Orlando in?

Orange County .

When did Orange County Newschannel end?

Orange County Newschannel ended in 2004.

When was Orange County Newschannel created?

Orange County Newschannel was created in 1990.

When was Orange County Choppers created?

Orange County Choppers was created in 1999.

What is the population of Orange County Choppers?

Orange County Choppers's population is 70.